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CuriousU 2020 (CANCELLED) International summer school

The University of Twente is combining High Tech and Human Touch in its most ultimate form: a festival style summer school where you can attend high tech courses and experience the only American style campus in the Netherlands. CuriousU is CANCELLED DUE TO THE CORONA VIRUS

During an inspiring summer week, our campus will be your home. We will offer you courses in some of our key research topics from beginner to advanced level all while giving you the opportunity to immerse yourself in a festival environment. Meet likeminded people from all over the world.

Participation Fee

Our fee is an all-in package consisting the following components:

More information can be found at our summer school CuriousU website.

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Summer courses

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  • EntrepreneurialU

    certificate10 days2 ECTS100% English
    The challenges modern society is facing requires people to seize opportunities, innovate, initiate and co-create impactful solutions. Learn the skills you need to become an entrepreneur of tomorrow.
  • Evaluating Future Health Technologies

    certificate10 days2 ECTS100% English
    New medical technologies keep emerging. To make informed decisions on the development of these technologies, early assessments are needed to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of new devices or drugs.
  • Dutch Language & Culture

    certificate10 days125 Hours100% English
    This course will offer you a taste of the country, education, culture and history and help you get a full picture of how your student life may look like if you decide to study in The Netherlands.
  • Health and Happiness

    certificate10 days2 ECTS100% English
    Learn about different applications and methods of how to improve happiness and well-being and also develop you own interventions, through interactive methods and challenge based learning.
  • Leaders of Innovation and Impact

    certificate5 days2 ECTS100% English
    Become a change agent and leader of innovation and impact by developing the essential skills to host workshops with peers and share knowledge within an interactive educational setting.
  • Smart Cities

    certificate10 days2 ECTS100% English
    Study Smart Cities through the lens of sustainable energy, climate change and discover smart ways to deal with the challenges caused by the growing needs of our world and society.
  • True Climate Change

    certificate10 days2 ECTS100% English
    Worldwide, climate has become an everyday news item. From wildfires in Australia, heatwaves in Europe, flooding in Dubai to famine in Southern Africa. Learn more about climate change in this course.
CuriousU 2020 (CANCELLED) International summer school