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Health Sciences

Healthcare is facing interesting challenges, such as rising costs, technical innovations, market influences and an ageing population.

How do we keep healthcare affordable, efficient and optimized for individuals? What can people contribute? Would an innovative treatment be better, safer and faster than a conventional one? How do you decide? These are the sort of questions that will keep you busy during our Master's programme Health Sciences and in your future work as a Health Scientist.

The one-year Master’s in Health Sciences is an internationally oriented programme. It is taught entirely in English and starts each year in September. You can start the pre-Master's programme in September or February. Read more about the Master's programme or find out more about admission.

We also offer a bachelor's programme (BSc.) in Health Sciences.

Programme overview

Master’s degree in Health Sciences
Certification: MSc
1 year
Full-time (no part-time programs possible)
English taught
Starting date
1 September 2017
1 September 2018
Numerus fixus
Does not apply for the programme

Getting familiar with different points of view

Healthcare is constantly changing. Current developments in healthcare call for professionals who can thoroughly analyze what is happening in the sector and design new strategies for optimizing healthcare processes. During our Master’s programme in Health Sciences you will learn to analyze problems from different perspectives, use different models and methods, and design, implement and evaluate innovative improvements. You will gain insight into healthcare for individual patients (micro level), organizational processes (meso level) and the effects of policies on national healthcare (macro level). You will also learn to predict trends in healthcare on the basis of evaluations and research. Do you want to develop an academic approach that allows you to combine people, systems, organization and technology? Would you like to predict trends in healthcare, or to optimize policy, management and healthcare procedures? Then this Master´s programme is the right choice for you.

Research and specialization

Health scientists at the University of Twente know how to translate results from fundamental and applied clinical research into state-of-the-art healthcare provision. The central focus is on improving healthcare using medical and information technology. At the start of the programme you will choose between three specializations: Personalised monitoring and coaching, Optimization of healthcare processes and Innovation in public health.

Career prospects

With a Master’s degree in Health Sciences many possibilities will be open to you. There is a great need in healthcare for health scientists who, with the help of technology, can make sharp analyses and offer solutions. You can work at hospitals, insurance companies, in home care, for consultancy agencies, at government level and in medical companies. You could also become a manager or project leader implementing health concepts, a policy maker, or a consultant facilitating cooperation between healthcare organizations.

Why opt for Health Sciences?

Focus on health and technology

At the University of Twente ‘health’ is a major subject. Various disciplines are focussed daily on current challenges in healthcare. The main objective is always to contribute to the improvement of healthcare. By combining inspiring education, international and practically oriented research, an entrepreneurial attitude and integrative collaboration, the University of Twente effectively contributes to changes in healthcare.

The education programmes of the University of Twente integrate with daily practice in healthcare. The programmes Biomedical Engineering, Health Sciences and Technical Medicine complement and reinforce each other. Where students of Technical Medicine learn how to treat patients, students of Biomedical Engineering learn to develop new technologies for healthcare. Then it is up to the Health Scientists to analyze challenges in health from different perspectives and to design, implement and evaluate solutions.

Acquire relevant skills

The University of Twente will prepare you to be the health scientist of the future: a professional capable of researching the value of new developments in healthcare and implementing them effectively. You will acquire skills and expertise that give you a real edge on the job market.

Work with leading researchers and scientists

During this Master’s programme you will have the opportunity to work with renowned researchers and scientists. It is also possible to work in one of our research institutes. For example, the MIRA institute for Biomedical Technology & Technical Medicine.

Small group teaching 

This Master’s has the lowest student-teacher ratio of all similar programmes in the Netherlands. This give you distinct advantages, such as more personal attention and guidance. And you will benefit from a pleasant, informal atmosphere.  


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