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Cross boundaries. Connect disciplines. Engage in hands-on team projects. Direct your own learning. Grow professionally and personally at the University of Twente!

What makes us stand out?

Our view of the world, in which you work or will work later on, has led us to a unique vision on education and research - and on the kind of scientists, engineers and professionals tomorrow’s world will need.

  • The world today faces challenges that are more complex than any mankind has faced before. Solving those problems calls for creative, cross-disciplinary thinking – which is why, in almost everything we do, we combine technology and engineering with behavioural and social sciences. We encourage you to cross boundaries, make new connections.
  • Many of today’s challenges transcend national borders, often taking on global dimensions. This is one reason we have a strong international profile and encourage cross-cultural teamwork: it is what you will face when you leave university.
  • We push entrepreneurship, because we believe the purpose of learning is to create change for the better. We reward creativity, innovation and guts.
  • Our ambition to impact society in meaningful ways means we’re strong on practical application and valorization and we place teamwork and hands-on projects at the centre of our education.
  • We believe the ability to bring about change is a matter of personality, not just intelligence. With that in mind we invest heavily in your personal growth: at few other universities will you get as much personal support as at the UT – and all that in a relaxed, informal educational setting, in which peer learning thrives and staff are there to help you carve out your learning path.

Curious? Find out more about the organization of education and faculties, the quality of our education, and our educational regulations.

Our Bachelor's and Master's programmes 

We currently offer 20 Bachelor's and 37 Master's programmes in the fields of Biomedical Technology & Health, Engineering, Management, Society and Technology, IT, International Business Administration, Behavioural Sciences and Science & Technology. We also offer various opportunities to get a teaching degree through our Bachelor’s and Master’s programmes. Check our overview of Bachelor's and Master's programmes.

Find out more in your own language:

Most of the online information about the UT is available in English and Dutch. You can read up on our Bachelor’s programmes in German, too. We also offer basic information on the UT for students from a range of other countries:

University College Twente

The crown jewel of our various Honours tracks is University College Twente (UCT), which offers talented students an out-of-the-box, multidisciplinary programme of Technology and Liberal Arts & Sciences called ATLAS. Find out more about UCT and the ATLAS Bachelor’s programme or check the UCT YouTube channel.

Summer school CuriousU

The CuriousU experience is a one-of-a-kind combination of a summer school and a festival. Our summer school package includes: academic courses, music, sports, theatre, inspirational speakers.  

Excellence programmes

We offer several programmes of excellence for students selected on the basis of talent, entrepreneurship, and motivation. If you want to explore a field beyond your usual discipline and stretch your creativity, we invite you to apply as well.

A growing range of integrated Master’s and PhD programmes

The UT’s Twente Graduate School offers an increasing range of integrated Master’s and PhD programmes for excellent Master’s students who aspire a career in scientific research. 

Part-time education for professionals and managers

Our Professional Learning & Development programme is a leading Dutch business school – and a great networking opportunity – for academically educated professionals and managers. It offers practice-based, part-time Master’s programmes, courses, and masterclasses linked to UT subject areas.


We also offer different short courses and in-service training programmes on various topics.

Post-grad Technical Medicine courses

Our high-level Post-Graduate Education in Technical Medicine (POA-TG courses), part of the Technical Medicine programme, combine technology and medicine and are geared to medical technical officers, biomedical engineers, medical specialists, assistant physicians, and other medical professionals.

Post-grad courses in Chemistry and Engineering Sciences

Our short courses in the fields of Chemistry and Engineering Sciences include courses in Extrusion, Process Technology (both in Dutch) and Rubber technology.

Post-grad education in Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation

The UT’s ITC Faculty provides international post-graduate education in the field of geo-information science and earth observation, using remote sensing and geographic information systems (GIS). ITC also offers a Master of Science (MSc) programme in Geo-information Science and Earth Observation with seven specializations:

  1. Applied Earth Sciences – Geological Remote Sensing
  2. Applied Earth Sciences – Natural Hazards, Risks and Engineering
  3. Geo-Informatics
  4. Land Administration
  5. Natural Resources Management
  6. Urban Planning and Management
  7. Water Resources and Environmental Management

On top of this, ITC offers a post-graduate diploma programme and a large variety of short and distance courses in its certificate programme.

Are you a student from the USA? Check our web page on the Geo-information Science and Earth Observation Master’s for American students.


If you are an excellent student enrolled in one of our programmes, you may be eligible for a scholarship or grant. These vary from government grants to funding by organizations or private persons. Our own faculties and the UT Scholarship Foundation also offer a limited number of excellence scholarships.

Use our scholarships & grants finder to see what's available for you


At the University of Twente, we like to invest in your personal development. Study advice and student counseling are the vital part of the quality and effectiveness of our education. Your study advisor can give you educational guidance as well as more personal guidance. Our Student Affairs, Coaching & Counselling focusses on the development of personal, study-related or career skills.

Student Services

The International Student Services team facilitates prospective and current students with all kinds of arrangements for their study at the University of Twente, like: application and admission process, re-enrolmentde-enrolment, tuition fees, the student card, Studielink, etc. Students Services does not provide information about study programmes. For more information about the programmes, check these websites: Bachelor | Minor | Master