Use mathematics to clarify complex societal challenges

Are you good at mathematics and eager to use mathematical insights to help solve practical problems? Do you see yourself as the kind of mathematician who can formulate clear answers to complex societal challenges, for example in the field of the environment, (air) traffic flows, economy, care optimization, or technology? Are you looking for a small-scale, academic programme, in which you will penetrate the depths of mathematics, while also equipping yourself to use your knowledge for developing real solutions for people and society? Then the three-year, English-taught bachelor’s programme Applied Mathematics (AM) is the right choice for you.

Impression of Applied Mathematics

Are you interested to know what it is like studying Applied Mathematics? Get an impression from the study. 

Read more about the study programme, admission requirements, application deadline and career prospects, or about our two-year master’s programme Applied Mathematics.

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The bachelor’s programme Applied Mathematics starts every year in September. The programme takes three years and is completely English-taught. 

Why study Applied Mathematics?

There are many reasons to sign up for this bachelor’s programme. Discover the top six here!

Mathematics in the context of practical and current social challenges

Societal impact is one of the UT’s core values and this programme proves it. While covering all the mathematical theory and skills you would expect from a bachelor’s degree in math, we also have a strong focus on practical application. With this degree you will be an expert in reducing complex, real-life issues to their mathematical essence. This will enable you to offer crystal-clear problem analysis – and to identify the best possible solution. You will discover that mathematics, like oxygen, is everywhere – and with your knowledge and skills, you will be able to uncover this hidden treasure. That way, you will be able to offer solutions in a growing number of societal domains, from the environment, mobility and technology, to banking, insurance or the medical world.

A small-scale ‘Top-rated’ programme with driven lecturers

In 2019, our bachelor’s programme was (once again) named Top Programme in the Keuzegids Universiteiten, a leading Dutch ranking system. One stand-out feature you will soon notice is the skill and drive with which our lecturers will help you unravel the secrets of mathematics. With an average of around 60 to 70 first-year students, this is a small-scale programme. There is little distance between staff and students, and a lot of room for personal attention. The atmosphere is pleasant and you will discover that your ideas and input really matter: together with our student association Abacus, we are constantly improving our education as well as organizing all sorts of study-related activities. In short, there is no better place than UT to become a whizz in Applied Mathematics.

Learning to cross boundaries, literally and figuratively

Obviously, you will immerse yourself in technical subjects and new technologies throughout the bachelor’s in Applied Mathematics. UT, one of the world’s best technical universities, offers the ideal environment for this: many of the technologies that will influence our future are researched and developed here on campus, from apps and web applications to robotics and adaptive systems. At the same time, our unique High Tech Human Touch philosophy allows you to look far beyond the boundaries of mathematics. No other technical university in the Netherlands has a social sciences department as large as ours. You will work not only with fellow mathematicians and engineers but also with psychologists, communication professionals, public administration experts or philosophers. Interdisciplinary teamwork will become your second nature. Working with others, you will discover the most relevant, ground-breaking solutions. Our programme also has a distinctive international flair. You will study with many foreign students and work with staff members from countries such as India, Russia, Turkey, Germany and South Africa. We invest a lot in intercultural skills and if you want to follow courses or do an internship abroad, we will help you. So if you’re eager to cross both disciplinary and geographic boundaries in your future career, this bachelor’s is the ideal preparation.

Preparing for a master’s degree with excellent job opportunities

In more and more sectors, the influence of, and demand for, mathematicians are growing. The competencies you develop during our bachelor's programme in applying mathematics to practical challenges will make you highly sought after on the job market. Especially if after the bachelor’s degree you complete a master’s programme – in mathematics or another subject – you can be as good as certain of quickly finding an excellent job on graduation. The need for mathematicians who can bridge the gap between theory and practice is increasing in almost every sector.

The challenging possibility of getting a double degree

If you have the right amount of talent and ambition, you can combine your Applied Mathematics studies with another one of our bachelor’s programmes: the Dutch-taught Applied Physics programme or the English-taught Technical Computer Science programme. Please note that because the Applied Physics programme is Dutch-taught, this particular double-degree option is only open to students from the Netherlands, or international students with an NT2 diploma. If you go for a double degree, you will follow a highly demanding, combined programme, earning two full BSc diplomas from the University of Twente on completion.

Grow as a 21st century professional and enjoy our magnificent campus

Naast diepgaande vakkennis en -vaardigheden, ontwikkel je in deze opleiding een breed pakket aan 21ste–eeuwse vaardigheden en persoonlijke competenties. Je ontwikkelt een werkhouding gericht op zelfreflectie en een leven lang leren. Onze informele, persoonlijke benadering is erop gericht om je zowel professioneel als persoonlijk tot bloei te brengen. Je wordt ondernemender en leert academische kennis toe te passen op de maatschappelijke praktijk. We dagen je uit om over disciplinaire en culturele grenzen heen te kijken en om goed samen te werken, bijvoorbeeld via ons sterke projectonderwijs. Daarnaast beleef je het studentenleven hier op onvergetelijke wijze, dankzij onze magnifieke, groene campus, en de bruisende studentenstad Enschede, een stad van kennis, innovatie én gezelligheid!

Programme overview

Top rated programme
Bachelor’s degree in Applied Mathematics
Certification: BSc
3 years
Full-time (no part-time programs possible)
English taught
Starting date
1 September 2020
1 September 2021
On student request
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