Operations Research

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How do you make a residential area energy neutral? How to schedule an Operating Room in a hospital? How do you design train timetables to reduce expected passenger delays? How to model 5G? Or how do we improve daily traffic in our cities? These are just a few of the challenges that can be addressed by the methods taught in this specialisation. Studying OR, you will learn how to design mathematical methods that allow to make better decisions or find optimal solutions for many of the challenges of our digital society.

Operations Research

In the specialisation in Operations Research (OR) you will learn how to design mathematical methods that help to improve many facets of our increasingly complex society. With a specialisation in OR you will easily find work for example as a business or data analyst.

Through studying OR, you will learn how to design mathematical methods aimed at optimal decision making. Subjects covered in this specialisation include Discrete and Continuous Optimisation, Game Theory, Markov Decision Theory, and Queuing Theory. Upon graduation you will have acquired a broad theoretical foundation in these areas, and know how to apply and implement analytical and algorithmic tools, that enable ground-breaking progress in business and society.

Career Opportunities 

With this specialisation, you are an asset to many kinds of organisations. You may find yourself assisting hospitals in designing more efficient logistical processes. Alternatively, you could be in charge of improving logistical processes in business or retail. You might also be paving the way towards new mobility concepts to reach higher levels of sustainability. Existing consultancy companies specialised in Operations Research and business analytics have a broad portfolio of products, to which you will be able to contribute.

Continue as a researcher: obtain a PhD

Instead of pursuing a professional career as an operations research specialist after obtaining your master’s, you can also opt to follow a PhD programme at Twente Graduate School (TGS). This involves spending four years studying a particular research area in-depth at one of our research institutes. Obtaining your PhD will earn you the title of Doctor (Dr). Operations Research has attractive research opportunities, both for fundamental contributions in the development of new theory, and practically oriented projects such as healthcare logistics (CHOIR) or smart energy solutions (ENERGY).

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