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Bachelor Communication Science


Do you have a keen eye for important developments, such as sustainability, digitalization or tech trends? Are you the kind of person who likes to understand such developments and explain to others what they mean? Do you want to bring together people or organizations, set them in motion and give them direction? Are you looking for a scientific programme that will also prepare you practically and personally for a role as initiator, connector and explorer? Then this three-year, English-taught Bachelor’s programme Communication Science is the right choice. 


Communication Science deals with the way people and organizations interact with each other, exchange information, connect and collaborate. As a Twente communication professional, you will be ready to become a strategic link between how things are and how things can become. Giving meaning, initiating, connecting and mobilizing will be among your core competencies.

  • You will know everything there is to know about the rise and fall of communication channels and how best to navigate them. 
  • You will grasp more than anyone how communication can connect and motivate people (communication at micro level), organizations (meso level) and society as a whole (macro level). 
  • You will be able to tackle issues from different points of view and translate complex matters into clear facts and concrete solutions. 
  • You will transcend boundaries between different stakeholders, engage at different levels and play a mediating role across different groups and disciplines. 
  • You understand the practical implications of technologies, policies and strategies. 
  • By applying communication strategies you will enable people and organizations to better understand themselves, each other and the world at large and to create meaningful improvements. 

Daan's vlog as communication science student

Are you curious what it is like to study a communication study programme? Daan shows you a day in his student life.

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Communication in the context of technology, design and organizations

Throughout the Bachelor’s programme Communication Science we will train you to become a communication professional of the future. Our programme is the only one that teaches communication in the broader context of technology, design and organizations.

In our view, communication has the potential to be a leading discipline in the increasingly complex and fragmentary world of people, organizations and society. In tomorrow’s hybrid society, everything and everyone will communicate: people, vehicles, devices, systems. Organizational structures may change, with new technologies providing them with an ever more intricate nervous system. Giving clarity, meaning and coherence to these ‘networks of networks’ calls for effective interaction and information. It means that communication – including eye-catching design – happens everywhere. In today’s world, everything communicates: from product packaging and the use of music and smell in shops to the visual appearance of buildings, and from corporate campaigns to the behaviour of corporate leaders. 

Why Communication science?

There are many reasons to sign up for this Bachelor’s programme at the University of Twente. Read about 6 of the most notable ones!

1. Study contemporary communication with ‘the best programme’ in the Netherlands

In the 2019 Keuzegids Universiteiten study guide, our Bachelor’s programme was rated ‘Top Programme’. We are the only university that teaches and researches communication in the contemporary context of technology, design and organizations. We will familiarize you with the latest technologies and how they influence – and depend on – communication. The UT – ranked ‘the best technical university in the Netherlands’ by the 2018 Keuzegids Universiteiten – is the ideal place to do this: many of the technologies that will shape our future are developed and studied here on campus, from apps and web applications to robotics and adaptive systems. Your insight into all these possibilities and threats will give you an edge on the job market.

2. Take part in an academic programme with a strong emphasis on practical application

One of the UT’s distinguishing characteristics is its practical application of scientific knowledge. Social impact is one of our university’s core values and we have a strong focus on connecting communication theory with the real-life challenges of our time. In every module, you will work on a team project in which you and your team mates will directly apply the knowledge you have gained to a current issue. This is the foundation of the Twente Education Model. You will make plans, work together in multidisciplinary teams, collect information, analyse, distribute tasks, report and present. You will become an academically grounded, creative problem solver. 

3. Make multi-sensory design an integral part of your repertoire

Another unique feature of our Bachelor’s programme is the place we give design. It is one of our focal points in this programme. After all, everything communicates – from a product’s packaging or a salesperson’s clothing to the dentist’s office or the layout of a creative studio. Our emphasis on design will help you get familiar with visual communication and with the interplay of the senses. At the UT, design will become an integral part of your repertoire: you will become a communication professional who can influence behaviour and experience through multisensory design. You will be familiar with new technologies – such as Virtual Reality, ambient technology and 3 printing – and the possibilities these offer to create realistic products and spaces that appeal to all the senses.

4. Move easily in the unpredictable organizational landscape of tomorrow

The fourth unique and highly topical pillar of our Bachelor’s programme is organizational knowledge. Organizational structures and employment relationships are changing and growing more flexible. Innovations are shaking up companies and markets. Digitalization is making everything visible and transparent. Organizations increasingly operate in international, intercultural contexts and ‘networks of networks’. The media landscape is reshaping itself as well. In this programme you will learn to recognize these shifts and to tap into the dynamics of our time.

5. Learn to think as a ‘communication engineer’ and prepare for a unique Master’s programme

As you can see, this programme goes far beyond classical communication science. As a university known for its many technical courses, we will teach you to think and act as an ‘engineer’. You will be equipped to systematically solve complex communication problems using theories, research and academic and professional skills. Areas like project management and collaboration are also part of this. With your academic level of thinking and your hands-on approach, you will be able to achieve the best results possible. Also, this Bachelor’s programme gives you direct access to our Master’s programme Communication Studies, with its four future-oriented specializations: Digital Marketing Communication; Marketing Communication & Design; Organizational Communication & Reputation; and Technology & Communication.

6. Grow professionally and personally in our small-scale, 21st century educational environment

In addition to thorough professional knowledge and skills, you develop abroadset of 21stcentury skills and personal competencies. You will learn to recognize and anticipate trends and developments. You will develop a work ethos centring on self-reflection and lifelong learning. You will be challenged to see to and to collaborate across disciplinary and cultural boundaries. You will benefit from our magnificent campus and small-scale educational environment with an informal, personal approach aimed at helping you to flourish, both professionally and personally. You will learn to manage tasks, to communicate and to give and receive feedback. In short: At the UT you will become a confident and competent communication professional.

Programme overview

Top rated programme
Bachelor’s degree in Communication Science
Certification: BSc
3 years
Full-time (no part-time programs possible)
English taught
Starting date
1 September 2020
1 September 2021
On programme request
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