What is a pre-master?

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In order to be admitted to a master’s, you may first have to complete a pre-master’s. This applies to graduates who have completed a degree at a university of applied sciences and those who have a university-level bachelor’s degree in a field that's not directly related to the master’s they want to enrol in

What is a Pre-Master's?

A pre-master’s is a transfer programme that prepares students with a bachelor’s degree from a university of applied sciences or research university for a master’s programme. This applies to students who are not directly admissible but have obtained a degree that is sufficiently related to their master's of choice. Once you have completed the pre-master’s – when you have obtained all the credits you need – you are ready to start your master’s.

What will you learn in a pre-master's?

There is no such thing as a general pre-master’s. Each master’s has its own pre-master’s programme which allows prospective students to acquire the necessary knowledge and skills. For most pre-master’s, this entails mathematical and methodology courses. For students with a bachelor’s degree from a university of applied sciences, it is important to acquire academic skills.

What are the costs of a pre-master's?

The costs of the Pre-Master's depends on the length of the programme you need to take and is based on the number of study points (ECTS) the programme consists of. Pre-master's programmes at UT can vary from 15 to 60 EC and you pay a fixed fee per EC. In some cases, you can choose to follow (part of) the Pre-Master's during your current bachelor's, as a transfer minor. In that case, you can avoid (part of the) extra costs; you already pay tuition fees for your current bachelor's. Find out more about this option for Dutch HBO- and WO-students.

How long does a pre-master's take?

The length of a pre-master's depends on your previous education and also varies per master's. For HBO students, a pre-master's takes six months to a year on average, for WO students it may be shorter. Visit the website of the master's of your choice to find out more about the specific pre-master's programme.

Arlette, master's student Construction Management & Engineering

The pre-master's taught me the importance of getting started right away instead of merely waiting for the next test.

Arlette, master's student Construction Management & Engineering

Reasons to continue with a (pre-)master's 

After obtaining your bachelor’s degree, you have a choice to make: will you start looking for a job right away or will you keep studying? Obtaining a university-level master’s degree can be an attractive option.

Gain more in-depth and broader knowledge

In a master’s, you acquire specialist knowledge in a certain field, deepening your understanding and expertise. You engage in your own research under the supervision of leading academics, refining your academic and analytical thinking skills. A master’s does not just offer more depth – it also allows you to broaden your knowledge and skillset (if you did your bachelor’s in a different field, for example). 

Future prospects

With a master’s, you improve your prospects on the job market, and your starting salary will most likely be higher. And if you want to stay in academia, you can also continue your career as a researcher!

Make impact with a master's

All of our education and research is aimed to come up with solutions for today's challenges. How can we contribute to a healthier, smarter, and more sustainable world? 

Nina and her electric car

At UT, you will learn to look beyond the boundaries of your own discipline and join forces with students and professors from all kinds of disciplines to tackle current issues. With a UT master's degree, you can make a difference!

Curious about your options?

If you are considering taking a master’s at the University of Twente (UT), there are several routes you can take, depending on your individual situation. What kind of programme are you currently enrolled in?

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