Rent company space

As an entrepreneurial university, the University of Twente is proud to be part of Kennispark: one of the leading Dutch innovation campuses and the Best Business Park in the Netherlands 2013. All sorts of companies can rent suitable space on or nearby the university campus. The buildings have various functionalities and facilities, depending on your needs. 

High-Tech Factory

High Tech Factory is a unique production facility on the campus of the University of Twente. The building has a total surface of 5,000 m2. This is where companies can rent cleanrooms, high-tech laboratories and office space. High-Tech Factory is there for high-tech companies that are up for the next step: scaling-up towards high-volume production.

Because high-quality production equipment is expensive and often difficult to fund, the High-Tech Factory has an equipment fund: the High Tech Fund. This fund enables companies to hire equipment so that they do not have to make the large investment themselves at once. Contacts and telephone numbers can be found on the website of the High Tech Factory.

The Gallery

The former Chemical Technology building currently houses a modern centre for innovative companies: The Gallery. This 300-metre long showcase for knowledge-intensive activity is located at the beating heart of Kennispark Twente. The Gallery has a unique combination of hardware (company space), software (direct access to knowledge, capital and skills) and services (facility services). The building also houses the service desk for entrepreneurship, offering practical and relevant information and solutions. For more information about hiring offices in the Gallery: Rob de Koning, tel. +31 53 483 63 55.