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The University of Twente offers Robotics specialisations in several master programmes. In September 2022 the University of Twente is intending to start a Master’s programme in Robotics.

Master's in Robotics

The University of Twente is planning to start a Master’s programme in Robotics from September 2022. This programme will teach you how to control and design robotic systems, including their interaction with the environment. 

A robot can be described as a mechanism that moves in an environment with at least some autonomy and/or some interaction. The Master’s Programme Robotics will cover all these aspects by offering three tracks:

  • Mechatronics and Physical AI
  • Algorithms and Software AI
  • Human Robot Interaction and Hybrid AI.

While specialising in one of these tracks a strong robotics basis is provided to all students through courses on Modelling and Dynamics, Control System Design, Programming, System Identification and Machine Learning, Systems Engineering and a course on Ethical, Legal, Societal and Economical aspects in Robotics.

Admission & enrolment Master's in Robotics 

If you want to start this new master's in September 2022, you can sign up for Systems & Control first and transfer to the new master when it starts. You can also stay in Systems & Control, attending elective courses of the new master and transfer at a later time. For more information about admissions you can visit the Systems & Control website or contact:

Current Robotics specialisations in our master's

Master's programmes with Robotics

View all programmes
  • Biomedical Engineering

    MSc2 yearsFull-timeEnglish5 specialisations
    Biomedical Engineering is about the design and development of healthcare technology to improve lives: from rehabilitation robots and artificial organs, to imaging techniques and prosthetics.

    5 specialisations for Biomedical Engineering

    Bioengineering technologies

    MSc2 yearsFull-time
    Bioengineering technologies is about developing technologies that can contribute to the recovery of diseased of damaged tissue, such as bone, blood vessels or organs.


    MSc2 yearsFull-timeEnglish
    Biorobotics is about the application of robotics and mechatronics in medicine and healthcare, which you investigate from a mechatronic point of view.

    Imaging and in vitro diagnostics

    MSc2 yearsFull-timeEnglish
    Imaging and in vitro diagnostics focuses on techniques for visualizing and interpreting the processes in cells and bodies (such as acoustics, ultrasound, radiation and magnetism).

    Medical Device Design

    MSc2 yearsFull-time
    Engineering for diagnostic devices, assistive, therapeutic and surgical purposes to improve the lives of patients by developing new technology for human-related applications.

    Physiological signals and systems

    MSc2 yearsFull-time
    Physiological signals and systems focuses on the central nervous system: for example, you analyze models of the brain, or you examine how electrical stimuli can repair disturbed body functions;
  • Electrical Engineering

    MSc2 yearsFull-timeEnglish13 specialisations
    This master's challenges you to develop new methods and technologies for high-tech electronics-based systems in nanotechnology, robotics, electronics, telecommunication or biomedical systems.

    13 specialisations for Electrical Engineering

    Communication Networks

    MSc2 yearsFull-timeEnglish
    Communication Networks focuses on the design & implementation of dependable networked systems, such as communication systems and methods/techniques to support this design.

    Computer Vision and Biometrics

    MSc2 yearsFull-timeEnglish
    Computer Vision & Biometrics focuses on signal processing and pattern recognition to retrieve information from (biometric) signals.

    Dependable Integrated Systems

    MSc2 yearsFull-timeEnglish
    Dependable Integrated Systems focuses on computer architectures such as streaming applications in the high-performance domain, architectures for embedded systems and ICT for energy management.

    Integrated Circuit Design

    MSc2 yearsFull-timeEnglish
    Integrated Circuit Design focuses on smart IC design techniques to create portable, fast and energy-efficient communication systems.

    Integrated Optical Systems

    MSc2 yearsFull-timeEnglish
    Integrated Optical Systems focuses on microscale/nanoscale integrated on-chip optical devices.

    Lab-on-a-chip Systems for Biomedical and Environmental Applications

    MSc2 yearsFull-timeEnglish
    Lab-on-a-chip Systems for Biomedical & Environmental Applications focuses on electrical, fluidic, and optical functions integrated in a microsystem in (bio)chemical and medical fields.

    Micro Sensors and Systems

    MSc2 yearsFull-timeEnglish
    Miniaturization allows the creation of highly sensitive, compact, light-weight sensors and sensor systems.

    Nano Electronics

    MSc2 yearsFull-timeEnglish
    Nanoelectronics examines the electronic and magnetic properties of systems at the nanoscale. Its subfields include hybrid inorganic-organic electronics, spin electronics and quantum electronics.

    Neurotechnology and Biomechatronics

    MSc2 yearsFull-timeEnglish
    Neurotechnology & Biomechatronics focuses on neural engineering, interfacing with the neural system and on monitoring and influencing body functions on distance through such interfaces.

    Power Electronics

    MSc2 yearsFull-time
    Power Electronics is found in almost every system where electricity is used and is a key technology for improving energy efficiency and reducing CO2 emissions.

    Radio Systems

    MSc2 yearsFull-timeEnglish
    This specialisation concentrates on optical signal processing and networks, mobile communications, microwave techniques and radiation from ICs and PCBs.

    Robotics and Mechatronics

    MSc2 yearsFull-timeEnglish
    Robotics & Mechatronics focuses on robotics and deals with modelling and simulation of physical systems, intelligent control, robotic actuators and embedded control systems.

    Semiconductor Devices and Technology

    MSc2 yearsFull-time
    Transistors, diodes and capacitors: the topic of study in this track. Research in this area involves the invention and improvement of devices and (micro)fabrication processes.
  • Interaction Technology

    MSc2 yearsFull-timeEnglish
    Interaction Technology combines principles from electrical engineering and IT with the analysis of human behaviour and storytelling.
  • Mechanical Engineering

    MSc2 yearsFull-timeEnglish7 specialisations
    Mechanical engineers focus on the design, analyses and maintenance of machinery, structures and products. The Master’s programme in Mechanical Engineering zooms in on one of these disciplines.

    7 specialisations for Mechanical Engineering


    MSc2 yearsFull-time
    The Aeronautics specialisation at UT aims to educate versatile mechanical engineers, well-equipped to contribute to new fundamental knowledge of aerodynamics.

    Design & Manufacturing

    MSc2 yearsFull-time
    This specialisation can guide the student in becoming a specialist in the design, maintenance and optimization of large systems, such as entire factories and supply chains.

    Energy & Flow

    MSc2 yearsFull-time
    This specialisation focuses on the development of sustainable energy systems, efficient processes and high-performance innovative equipment, and minimal environmental impact.

    High-Tech Systems & Materials

    MSc2 yearsFull-time
    This specialization includes an emphasis on mechanics, control, materials and processes. These skills are indispensable to create new materials (composites), products and manufacturing processes.

    Maintenance Engineering & Operations

    MSc2 yearsFull-timeEnglish
    The MEO specialization focuses on improving the maintenance of technical systems, using research into design methods, physical failure mechanisms, structural health and condition monitoring.

    Personalised Health Technology

    MSc2 yearsFull-time
    The Master’s specialisation Personalised Health Technology integrates several mechanical engineering disciplines to analyse, simulate and support aspects of human functioning.


    MSc2 yearsFull-time
    In this specialisation you will combine Mechanical Engineering with other technical disciplines, such as electrical engineering, software programming and biomedical engineering.
  • Systems & Control

    MSc2 yearsFull-timeEnglish4 specialisations
    This two-year master’s programme teaches you how to control the behaviour of dynamic phenomena and systems in interaction with their environment.

    4 specialisations for Systems & Control


    MSc2 yearsFull-timeEnglish
    Biomechatronics is the interdisciplinary study of biology, mechanics, and electronics. It focuses on the research and design of assistive, therapeutic and diagnostic devices.

    Control Theory

    MSc2 yearsFull-timeEnglish
    This two-year Master’s programme teaches you how to control the behaviour of dynamic phenomena and systems in interaction with their environment.

    Robotics and Mechatronics

    MSc2 yearsFull-timeEnglish
    Research activities in this specialization focus more and more on the field of advanced robotics, including robotics in medical applications.

    Unmanned Aerial Vehicles

    MSc2 yearsFull-time
    In recent years Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) have amply demonstrated their value and attractiveness. The wide range of applications includes several disciplines.
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