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Bachelor Industrial Engineering and Management

In Industrial Engineering and Management (IEM) you will use models and techniques to systematically analyse the strengths and weaknesses of a company and implement improvements.

We also offer a master's programme (MSc.) in Industrial Engineering and Management.

Programme overview

Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering & Management Science
Certification: BSc
3 years
Full-time (no part-time programs possible)
English taught
Starting date
1 September 2017
1 September 2018
1 September 2019
On student request
Numerus fixus
Does not apply for the programme

What is Industrial Engineering and Management?

As a specialist in Industrial Engineering and Management, you will make organizations and business processes more efficient, maximize profit, minimize risks and boost competitiveness and the quality of operations. The programme teaches you how to effectively implement the required changes and evaluate their effects on the organization, its personnel, finances and market position. In doing so you will combine knowledge from the fields of business administration, ICT, mathematics and engineering.

Focus on different sectors

Industrial Engineering and Management focuses on several sectors, particularly industry, transport, healthcare and the financial sector. During internships and graduation projects, you will work on issues currently being experienced by prominent companies from these sectors. The programme offers a wide variety of course options. For instance, many of our students make use of the opportunity to study abroad for six months or to go on an international internship.

Industrial Engineering & Management
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Learn from one of the best teachers in The Netherlands 

Erwin Hans is a professor and lecturer in the Bachelor's and Master's programmes Industrial Engineering and Management at the University of Twente. Erwin is also the UT’s ‘Teacher of the Year’ and in 2016 he was nominated one of the best teachers in The Netherlands. Students from the Bachelor's and Master's programmes Industrial Engineering and Management explain why.

Excellent job perspectives

Industrial Engineering and Management is one of the degrees with the best job perspectives and highest starting salaries. There is always demand for IEM specialists, even in times of economic downturn.


Organizations and companies don't run themselves. They need to generate turnover and make a profit, respond to customers' wishes and look after their staff. This requires good management and continuous improvement. In order to survive, companies need to organize themselves efficiently and constantly adapt to the changing environment. As an Industrial Engineering and Management (IEM) professional you will develop these changes and calculate their implications.

In order to develop or improve a (business) process, you first need to learn about its (technical) features. These features provide a set of conditions that you need to take into account. For example, in transport planning, you have to take into account the perishability of products. And in drawing up a schedule for an operating room you have to take into account any emergencies that may occur. As an IEM specialist you will also use quantitative methods to analyse and optimize (business) techniques. Using mathematical models and computer simulations, you can practically and safely test improvements before organizations actually put them into practice.


Industrial Engineering and Management covers a very wide area. Its pillars are (business) economics, mathematics, ICT and technology. One example could be a beer brewery. It has a complicated production process: fermenting, filtering, filling, storing, transporting and so on. You work with specific tank capacities, sell-by dates and stock management of raw materials. Tight planning is a must. And then you have to pay attention to sales in stores and stocks in distribution centres. This means you have to align a lot of different activities, such as storage, transportation and production, throughout the chain. That is an Industrial Engineering and Management professional's job.


Do you have IEM specialist written all over you? Discover what makes this programme at the University of Twente unique and find out more about the study programme. You can also read about our students and alumni's experiences with this programme. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

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