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Bachelor Industrial Engineering and Management

Are you analytical and efficient? An entrepreneurial pacesetter? Do you want to help commercial companies or other organizations – such as hospitals or government agencies – to perform and collaborate more effectively in our increasingly complex society? Are you looking for a hands-on, academic programme that will give you vital expertise in the fields of technology, human behaviour and business processes? If so, the three-year English-language Bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering & Management (IEM) at the University of Twente (UT) is a good choice for you. 

Use broad technical and business expertise to help organizations perform better

As an Industrial Engineer & Manager, you will be involved in designing, managing and improving business processes. You will make organizations more efficient, maximize profit, minimize risks, and improve quality and competitiveness. You will use models and techniques to systematically analyse strengths and weaknesses. In our programme you will also learn how to effectively implement necessary changes and how to assess the consequences these will have on organizations, staff, quality, finances, sustainability or market position. In order to do all of this, you will combine knowledge from areas including business administration, ICT, mathematics, and technology.

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Why studying Industrial Engineering & Management at the UT?

Many universities offer courses in technical business administration. Our Bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering & Management is different. Here are six distinctive features:

1. Join the ‘best Industrial Engineering & Management programme in the Netherlands’

IEM was named the 'Best Industrial Engineering & Management programme in the Netherlands' (2018) in the Keuzegids Universiteiten ranking. On top of that, our university was named 'the best technical university' and 'the university with the greatest societal impact' in the Netherlands (2017). This means you will be studying at a university that excels in combining technology, business and societal impact.

2. Use our 6 Ps to become an interdisciplinary ‘problem solver of tomorrow’

In this programme, you will become accustomed to both technical and non-technical opportunities and difficulties. You will develop an eye for broader societal challenges, such as aging, globalization or climate change. This is important, as with our society the world of business is also becoming more and more complex. Companies are increasingly part of a global network of enterprises and the demand for people who can oversee this complexity is increasing. In this programme you will become what we call a problem solver of the future. Through our 'High Tech Human Touch' approach, you will develop an cross-disciplinary vision of companies, organizations, supply chains, and markets – with a keen eye for real results. We use a quantitative, model-based approach to problems, taking into account the technology used in processes, the behaviour of people (management & organization), and the environment in which companies operate. We use our mix of 6 Ps for this:

  1. Process – develop a keen understanding of how to organize processes in a better, smarter way;
  2. Purpose –learn to carefully define and pursue your objective so as to add real value;
  3. People – learn to view organizations from a human perspective and to interact with people both internally and externally;
  4. Profit – will learn how to increase the profitability of an organization; 
  5. Passion – work with motivated fellow students and enthusiastic teachers eager to bring out the best in you;
  6. Planet – get familiar with to the ins and outs of internationalization and the human and ecological interests at stake.
3. Learn from teachers who are expert researchers themselves

During your studies you will engage daily with expert scientists and pioneering research in the fields of non-conventional production techniques, data science, and cyber security, as well as psychology, management, and organization. During your team projects you will participate in such research and in our collaboration with companies. In the Netherlands, the UT has a leading role in the field of production (technology), as evidenced by our collaboration with the renowned Fraunhofer Instituut, a European leader in applied scientific research in the field of industrial development. On top of that, the regional industry in Twente is a leader in the implementation of new technologies. This means that studying here will give you access to interesting companies and organizations and the challenges they face.

4. Get familiar with diverse sectors, from industry to healthcare

Industrial Engineering & Management focuses on various sectors, particularly industry, transport, healthcare, and finance. During your projects, internships and graduation research you will work on current problems faced by well-known companies in these sectors. Our programme offers many options.

5. Work on concrete problems and projects in the real world

A characteristic of our IEM Bachelor’s is the emphasis on practical application of scientific knowledge. In every module, you will work on a team project, applying your knowledge directly to a current issue – in matching with our unique Twente Educational Model. You will conduct on-site research assignments at external companies and organizations. You will make plans, participate in multidisciplinary teams, collect information, analyse, distribute tasks, report, and present. You will become an academically skilled, creative problem solver.

6. Benefit from our small-scale, personal approach

We offer a small-scale educational environment with an informal, personal approach, designed to help you grow both professionally and personally. You will learn how to programme, design models and perform calculations. In addition, you will work on your social, professional and entrepreneurial skills: task management, teamwork, communication, giving and receiving feedback. All of this will help you find your feet as a future professional. On top of that, you will experience student life here in an unforgettable way, thanks to our beautiful, park-like campus.

We also offer a master's programme (MSc.) in Industrial Engineering and Management.

Programme overview

Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering & Management Science
Certification: BSc
3 years
Full-time (no part-time programs possible)
English taught
Starting date
1 September 2019
1 September 2020
1 September 2021
On student request
Numerus fixus
Does not apply for the programme
Industrial Engineering & Management
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