computer vision & biometrics

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This specialisation belongs to the Master’s in Electrical Engineering.

Computer Vision includes methods for acquiring, processing, analysing, and understanding images or image sequences from the real world in order to produce information, for instance in the forms of decisions. It is the combination of Image Processing and Statistical Pattern Recognition. Biometrics deals with the recognition of persons based on physiological characteristics, such as face, fingerprint, vascular pattern or iris, and behavioural traits, such as gait or speech. It combines Computer Vision with knowledge of human physiology and behaviour.

The specialisation Computer Vision & Biometrics is directly linked with the Data Management and Biometrics (DMB) research group. DMB researches Computer Vision and Biometrics and their applications in the area of public safety. The research of the group is both fundamental and application-oriented; we develop new theoretical concepts, such as new methods for combining classifiers, as well as technology for practical applications. Current research topics are for example face recognition at a distance, intelligent video surveillance, biometrics for border control, finger vein recognition, 3D face modelling and recognition, and forensic biometrics. Our research is embedded in the Digital Society Institute.


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