Semiconductor Devices and Technology

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This specialisation belongs to the Master's Electrical Engineering.

Transistors, diodes and capacitors: the topic of study in this track. Research in this area involves the invention and improvement of devices and (micro)fabrication processes; and the development of fundamental understanding of the underlying device physics. Integrated circuits take center stage, but also solar cell technology is studied. The Nanolab fabrication facility allows us to demonstrate such new ideas on a variety of devices and develop the science of working principles and design, with the aim to transfer this knowledge to industry.

The research spans from materials via process integration and device physics to device reliability. Examples are: deposition and characterization of few-nm thin metal films; transistors and capacitors employing the negative-capacitance effect; and self-healing in CMOS transistors.

The specialization Semiconductor devices and technology is directly linked with the research group Integrated Devices and Systems (IDS) and the research institute MESA+. This means you will have excellent peer guidance and will be working on the newest challenges.

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