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Start-up support

As the most entrepreneurial university, the University of Twente has gained a good reputation for facilitating start-ups.

UT is recognised as the most entrepreneurial university in our own country. We are strong in transforming knowledge into business in order to impact society in meaningful ways. We reward typically human qualities, such as creativity, innovation and guts. No wonder more than 1,000 successful start-ups have been launched here, including Booking.com, Takeaway.com, Demcon.nl and Athom.com.

On campus, we house more than 130 student start-ups and launch 50 student companies every year. What do we have to offer startups?

Business development

Do you have a very good and innovative idea and want to further develop this idea into a concept? Novel-T has an 'open door policy' and their start-up ambassadors are delighted to get in touch and help you with your business questions. What are your plans?

The Business Development Team helps researchers protect their invention (applying for patents ), develop a business case and transfer knowledge to a spin-off or an existing company.

Financial and LEGAL Support

For over 30 years, the University of Twente (UT) has encouraged innovative entrepreneurs who are just starting their company by means of the so-called TOP-loan programme. The Dutch Student Investment Fund (DSIF), the first student-run venture capital fund in the Netherlands was founded at the UT in 2016 to support and fund student entrepreneurs from the UT and Saxion. 

The Legal Advisory Helpdesk supports innovative starting entrepreneurs in making their initial choices regarding entrepreneurship. This service is meant for companies that are affiliated with the UT, including student entrepreneurs, or Saxion. Further information about support for starters can be obtained at Novel-T.