Radio Systems

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This specialisation belongs to the Master's Electrical Engineering.

It is hard to point out any aspect of modern life which does not depend on radio systems. The rapid development of wireless communications has revolutionized our lives and our understanding of the world.

The research in the Radio Systems group covers a wide range, including designing the physical layer (PHY) for wireless communication systems, radar systems, signal processing algorithms, radio propagation and channel modeling, and antenna design. In addition to the theoretical components, we are interested in practical aspects. That is why, implementation of signal processing algorithms, prototyping communication systems using Software Defined Radios (SDRs), building and testing the designed antennas and practical channel measurements are also integral part of the research work in our group. We try to give (at least) a touch of practical experience wherever possible.

The specialisation Radio Systems is directly linked to the research group Radio Systems and the Digital Society Institute. This means you will have excellent peer guidance and will be working on the newest challenges.

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