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Transdisciplinary Master-Insert

Shaping Responsible Futures

As a curious and engaged student, you want to go beyond your comfort zone and create societal impact. You are interested in working with students from different disciplinary backgrounds, tackling complex societal challenges, and developing yourself personally and professionally. The Transdisciplinary Master-Insert offers you the opportunity to pursue your own interests and become a multi-skilled and open-minded professional, able to constantly adapt to new challenges. You become part of a unique community of transdisciplinary professionals.

There are a few spots left!
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Connecting science to society, you and your colleagues collaborate with a variety of real-world stakeholders. Using tools and techniques from across disciplines, you work in transdisciplinary ways on addressing these complex challenges. Together with curious, passionate, and inspiring peers and enthusiastic academics from all over the university, you become part of a unique learning community that allows you to become an accomplished boundary-crosser and build confidence as a future change-maker.

As you self-direct your learning and build your network, you will find ample opportunities to grow as a transdisciplinary professional and broaden your career options. Participating in this extracurricular programme earns you a Certificate on Shaping Responsible Futures that is complementary to your masters programme.


The curriculum of the Transdisciplinary Master-Insert programme is designed for master students from all academic disciplines. It consists of six modules (5 EC each, 30 EC in total) and is preferably to be pursued full-time (Quarter 2 and Quarter 3) ideally prior to starting a graduation assignment. However, we now also offer a flexible option, our so-called packages (see the curriculum page for more information). The programme is based on real-world challenges, transdisciplinarity, and self-directed learning. You will collaborate with students from a wide range of disciplines and learn about topics such as:

  • Transdisciplinary ways of working
  • High-level critical & conceptual thinking
  • Participatory & creative problem solving
  • Future scenario building


Roughly speaking, most modules will have contact hours on Monday afternoons and on the mornings between Tuesday and Friday. These contact hours will be in the form of workshops, feedback sessions, inspiring lectures, or discussion & reflection hours. The afternoons are often reserved for teamwork and self-study. Note that times may differ depending on the module, e.g., some workshops may be offered as full-day instead of half-day workshops. 

Application, Starting Date & Deadline

The Transdisciplinary Master-Insert programme starts in November 2021 and all educational activities will take place in the inspiring learning environment of DesignLab


Open for late applications

Start date

November 2021 (Quarter 2)

End date

April 2022

How to Apply?

This Transdisciplinary Master-Insert can accommodate max. 30 students every year and the admission is based on intrinsic motivation. Preferably, it is to be pursued full time (Quarter 2 and Quarter 3) ideally prior to starting a graduation assignment. However, in our talks with Transdisciplinary Master-Insert it became clear that many students are enthuasistic about the programme, but that some cannot integrate the full-time Master-Insert into their study programmes. For these students we now offer a flexible option, our so-called packages (see the curriculum page for more information).

To apply, submit a well written 'personal motivation letter' (max. 1000 words, 2 A4 pages) elaborating your interest and the relevance of this programme for your endeavours. For more detailed information and tips, see our template. Following your application, you are invited for an interview with the academic staff.

There are a few spots left!
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Please note: The Transdisciplinary Master-Insert Programme Shaping Responsible Futures is aimed at master's students currently enrolled at the University of Twente.



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About DesignLab

DesignLab is a collaborative ecosystem for innovative change makers, that connects science and society. Students and researchers from all across University of Twente, other educational institutions, governments and companies, work together in a transdisciplinary way on (educational) projects and research, focussed on Responsible Design and Citizen Science.

Programme overview

Transdisciplinary Master-Insert: Shaping Responsible Futures
Certification: certificate
CROHO code
6 months
English taught
Numerus fixus
There is a maximum of 30 study places

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