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Transdisciplinary Master-Insert

Shaping Responsible Futures

Are you an engaged UT master student? Would you like to learn how to shape desirable futures for others and with others? Are you looking for new ways to develop yourself personally and professionally? Do you want to work with students from various disciplines on tackling societal challenges?

If YES, DesignLab invites you to apply for the Transdisciplinary Master-Insert Programme Shaping Responsible Futures. This academic programme will be taught by enthusiastic academics from all over the university, and will involve working in transdisciplinary teams on addressing complex societal challenges.

Please note: The Transdisciplinary Master-Insert is a programme aimed at master's students currently enrolled at the University of Twente. Completing the programme will result in a Certificate on Shaping Responsible Futures.


The curriculum of the Transdisciplinary Master-Insert programme is designed for master's students from all academic disciplines. It consists of six modules (5 EC each, 30 EC in total) and is to be pursued full-time (Quarter 2 and Quarter 3) ideally prior to starting a graduation assignment:

  • Transdisciplinary working: Taking multiple world perspectives into account, bridging disciplines, and creating value by synergising expertise.
  • Societal leadership: Responsible innovation, servant leadership, creating societal impact, and value and stakeholder engagement.
  • Creative intelligence: High-level conceptual thinking and problem-solving, dealing with complexity, and frameworks for criticising and judging propositions.
  • Systems thinking: Dealing with open, complex, dynamic and networked problems.
  • Change making: Creating societal impact, evoking bottom-up change and communicating concepts and ideas effectively.
  • Futurism: Exploring and envisioning potential future scenarios, reviewing technology trends, and articulating original, well-informed future visions.


In this programme, you will collaborate with students from a wide range of disciplines and learn topics such as:  

  • Transdisciplinary ways of working
  • High-level critical & conceptual thinking
  • Participatory & creative problem solving
  • Future scenario building

Starting date & deadline

The Transdisciplinary Master-Insert programme starts in November 2020 and all educational activities will take place in the inspiring learning environment of DesignLab

Start date

November 2020 (Quarter 2)

End date

April 2021 

Deadline for application

30 September 2020

Information lecture

For information about the content and structure of the Transdisciplinary Master-Insert, watch our introductory lecture below. Do you still have questions or want to receive more information? Join us in one of the Q&A sessions. 

Staff & organisation

Similar to the curriculum, the academic staff involved in designing and executing this programme come from a wide range of disciplines and expertise such as human centered design, interaction design, change management, innovation processes, philosophy, systems engineering and many more.

The organisational team of the programme consists of:

about designlab

DesignLab is a collaborative ecosystem for creative change makers. Firmly rooted across the University of Twente ecosystem, this platform integrates knowledge from high-tech sciences with a human touch. As a catalyst for innovation - and fueled by the spirit of our student-driven DreamTeam - DesignLab connects science and society through the main principles of design thinking. 

examination board

According to the Dutch Higher Education and Research Act (WHW) each educational programme or group of programmes has an examination board. The examination board is the forum that determines whether a student has fulfilled the conditions with regard to knowledge, insight and skills as stated in Education and Examination Regulation (EER) of the Master Insert Shaping Responsible Futures, which is based on the EER of the University of Twente. The examination board has several other tasks and competences according to the WHW and the EER. One of these competences is to make exceptions to the rules for students, such as exemptions, free educational programmes and extra exam or test opportunities. For that students can submit a request to the examination board. The examination board also judges cases of fraud (plagiarism) and determines the sanctions. Furthermore the examination board is commissioned to set out policy for safeguarding quality of testing and examination. The examination board appoints examiners for administering and grading tests and exams, monitors the relationship between programme specific learning goals and the learning goals of tests/assignments in the modules, and safeguard the quality of the assessment.

The meetings of the examination boards are held on a regular basis. 

The examination board consist of the following members:





Student request can be submitted to R.P.A.LOOHUIS@TWENTE.NL

How to apply?

The Transdisciplinary Master-Insert Shaping Responsible Futures can accommodate max. 30 students every year and the admission is based on intrinsic motivation. This year, 2020-21 academic year, we will limit the number of students to max. 16 students to enable face-to-face learning experiences (e.g., workshops, debates).

Students are asked to submit a 'personal motivation letter' and will be invited for an interview with the academic staff. This programme requires full-time engagement, and thus, it implies a 6-month (2-quarter) extension to master studies. Because of this, the selection of students will be confirmed with the respective core MSc programme director to safeguard timely study planning.

Transdisciplinary Master-Insert
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Please note that Transdisciplinary Master-Insert Programme Shaping Responsible Futures is aimed at master's students currently enrolled at the University of Twente, and it is not a formal master study programme.


Do you have a question? Contact us by sending an e-mail to

Programme overview

Transdisciplinary Master-Insert: Shaping Responsible Futures
Certification: certificate
CROHO code
6 months
English taught
Numerus fixus
There is a maximum of 30 study places
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