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Each year thousands of these bright and eager minds complete their degrees and enter the labour market often joining companies that made an impression while they were still studying. That means that in your organisation’s search for new talent, it is important to introduce your company to tomorrow’s workforce as early as you can.

There are many ways to attract the attention of UT students. You might offer an internship or master’s thesis position, organise an informative lecture during a symposium, sponsor a student sports club or advertise on a student association’s website. You might participate in a large student event such as the start-of-the-year Kick-In or the Create Tomorrow think tank, or help the university’s Solar Team achieve its mission of building the fastest solar-powered car in the world. And what about supporting talented students through scholarships? This site will help you discover how to pursue each of these options, and many more.

An important step in your search is finding the right people and places to contact. The University of Twente has dozens of departments and organisations: some are part of the university, others are run independently by students. Please feel free to contact us any time at Career Services to help you find your way.

Career Services at the University of Twente
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What makes students a valuable resource for me?

Students are curious, flexible and innovative—and students at the University of Twente have an additional advantage. You see, the University of Twente trains its students to be T-shaped professionals. That means that during their college careers, UT students not only explore their chosen fields in depth, but also learn how to apply that knowledge across a broad and diverse spectrum. That makes University of Twente students uniquely suited to handle a wide range of roles and responsibilities. In addition, the University of Twente is rightly regarded as the most entrepreneurial university of the Netherlands. That enterprising character is reflected in the students who attend the university: they are eager to broaden their skillsets and horizons. That makes a UT student a valuable addition to your company as an intern, master’s candidate or part-time work-study employee.

The University of Twente has a wealth of student-run associations. These organisations provide an excellent entry point for introducing students to your company. The organisations page provides a comprehensive list of these student associations and how to contact them.

We would love to help you explore the ways in which students can help your company thrive. Please contact us at Career Services for more information.

How can i draw student's attention to my company?

There are many ways to let students know about your company. Consider the following, for example:

  • Offer scholarships for outstanding students.
  • Offer internships and master’s thesis positions.
  • Organise student events, such as lunch lectures, in-house days or on-site visits. Student associations are a great resource for this.
  • Participate in or sponsor events organised by students, such as symposia, company dinners and career days.
  • Sponsor a student association in exchange for a listing on its website or in its magazine.

For all of these options, you can work with us at Career Services or directly with the student association of your choice. Please don’t hesitate to call us for more information and advice; we’re happy to help you determine how to best meet your company’s objectives and choose the right organisation for your needs.

How can I play a role in students' education?

Enriching the educational experience is a great way to acquaint students with your company and simultaneously demonstrate your company’s expertise in its field. For example, you might host a guest lecture or provide a real-world problem for students to solve in a project-oriented course.

The opportunities available vary from program to program. You can contact the office for the program of your choice to discuss the options, or call us at Career Services to help you in the right direction.

Which events welcome company participation?

Every year, hundreds of student events take place at the University of Twente, from small to large: parties, conferences, happy hours, hackathons, and more. Many of these events are organised by the students themselves, and they often welcome a little corporate help.

A handful of events are special enough to mention here by name: the annual Kick-In introduction week, the biannual Create Tomorrow think tank and the annual Company Days. These events provide ample opportunities for the business community to participate. You can find more information on the events page.

At Career Services, we are happy to tell you all about these events and help you decide which ones are a good fit for your company.

How do I send a mailing to students?

For a fee, the university’s academic student associations will let you send a direct mailing to their members. If you’re looking for students with a specific educational background, these student associations will be happy to assist you.

If, on the other hand, you’re looking to reach a diverse range of students, you can send a mailing through one of the social, sports-related or cultural student organisations. For a list of these organisations and their contact information, please call or e-mail us at Career Services.

How can I promote an event my company is organizing, such as a business course or an in-house day?

There are several ways to do this. You might send a mailing to students, for example, or advertise in newsletters or in places where students often gather, such as cafés and student clubs. Please give us a call at Career Services and we’ll help you find the right options for your company.

How do I give a lunch lecture?

To give a lunch lecture, you can approach an academic student association. Lunch lectures are often hosted by these student associations to make it easy for students with a specific educational background to attend. For more information and opportunities, please feel free to contact us at Career Services.

I have a MKB(SME) Scholarship offer

MKB (SME) Scholarship

The MKB-Technology grant programme brings up-and-coming talent into contact with Twente’s SME businesses a little earlier than would otherwise be the case. The goal is to permanently enrich each other’s networks and knowledge. The companies involved are offering ten grants to ten selected Master’s students at the University of Twente, over a period of two years.

Through this programme your company becomes visible for students and you have direct access to talent and facilities of the University of Twente.

Visit the webpage of Career Services for more information about how to become part of this programme