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Each year thousands of these bright and eager minds complete their degrees and enter the labour market often joining companies that made an impression while they were still studying. That means that in your organisation’s search for new talent, it is important to introduce your company to tomorrow’s workforce as early as you can.

There are many ways to attract the attention of UT students. You might offer an internship or master’s thesis position, organise an informative lecture during a symposium, sponsor a student sports club or advertise on a student association’s website. You might participate in a large student event such as the start-of-the-year Kick-In or the Create Tomorrow think tank, or help the university’s Solar Team achieve its mission of building the fastest solar-powered car in the world. 

An important step in your search is finding the right people and places to contact. The University of Twente has dozens of departments and organisations: some are part of the university, others are run independently by students. Please feel free to contact us at any time at Career Services to help you find your way.

Student organisations

The University of Twente has a large number of active student organisations and academic associations. Every year, our students organise several recurring events, lunch lectures or other activities. Many of them are set up in cooperation with companies and other organisations that are relevant for the students. Our Career Services department has a list of all student organisations that might be relevant for companies. 

Submit your vacancy

The UT's Career Service office hosts a job board: a place where employers can advertise their vacancies for your talent, from part-time work-study positions to full-time graduate employment. 

On our online platform JobTeaser you can upload a company profile to inform students and alumni about your company. You can also upload vacancies, internships and student jobs, and you can present the events you organise. We cordially invite you to create an account in your search for talent.  

Our students have a broad background: from behavioural scientist to IT expert or nano-technologist. After all, the UT is a university for both technical and social sciences. The expertise of these students will enable them to contribute to your company or organisation, by means of an internship or a graduate assignment. Do you need to get in touch with us? Contact our internship coordinators per study programme.

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For more information, please contact us at Career Services:

Phone: +31 (0) 53 489 2036

PhD and PDEng programmes

The temporary deployment of academic talent will create enormous value to a business or a non-profit organisation. The PhDs and PDEng trainees of the University of Twente bring their scientific expertise to the work floor.


A PhD student (also known as a doctoral degree candidate) conducts four years of research on a specific subject, generally while affiliated with a UT research institute. Many of our university's PhDs carry out their doctoral degrees in collaboration with the corporate sector. The doctoral candidates work in various fields of research, such as advanced materials, advanced manufacturing and mechatronics, medical technology and devices, wireless and remote sensing, and safety and security. In setting up the research activities, the needs of your company come first. Where do we see opportunities to create value for your organisation using the scientific knowledge and expertise of the UT? General information about PhD is available via the website of the Twente Graduate School:


A PDEng may also be interesting for your company: the Professional Doctorate in Engineering. This is a multidisciplinary designer who spends two years at the university following a post-master's course and works as a trainee on a concrete task formulated by a company. This may be an interesting option if your organisation is faced with a challenging design problem or wants to solve a technical problem. For general information about the PDEng programmes see, for specific information for businesses, see our PDEng business pages.