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Mastering Communication in the 21st century.

Are you a broadly oriented person looking to gain a deeper understanding of communication in the 21st century? Are you eager to develop the knowledge and skills that will allow you to communicate effectively in a rapidly changing world, helping people and organisations to manage and respond to technological advances and societal shifts? Do you see communication as a vital part of the solution to some of today’s challenges? And do you want to help design those solutions as a communication expert? Then the University of Twente’s Master’s programme Communication Science is the right choice for you.

Communication in the 21st century

Communication is at the heart of all human endeavour – from business, marketing, and conferences, to art, relationships, and social media. All societal challenges and organisational issues are inextricably interwoven with communication. In today’s world, to understand communication is to understand organisations, marketing, consumers, public relations, and many other key aspects of society. This is why our Master’s in Communication Science is about more than just selling products, designing websites or creating marketing material. It’s about developing a clear vision of society, or business, learning to view things from multiple perspectives, recognising the role of communication – whether it is a part of the problem or a part of the solution. It’s about advising organisations about their communication strategy and helping them to move forward with confidence.

In today’s increasingly complex and fragmented world, technological developments are leading towards new organisational structures. Powerful, yet intricate networks of communication are emerging. Communication will become even more central, happening everywhere, all the time, and demanding a new type of expert to manage and understand it. This course will give you the tools you will need to do it:

Diversity and entrepreneurship

At the University of Twente, we want to foster a diverse and entrepreneurial atmosphere, helping you gain valuable personal, as well as professional, skills. Our students do a lot of work in small groups with teaching staff and fellow students. This stimulates discussions between students from different backgrounds, an indispensable part of communication in the 21stcentury. The university offers a welcoming, informal atmosphere that is highly beneficial for active learning. You will also be assigned to a career mentor (a teaching staff member), to reflect on your development competencies and career objectives, helping you to follow and achieve your ambitions, and reach the highest level you can.

Why choose Communication science?

There are many reasons to choose this Master’s programme here at the University of Twente. Here are six of the most important:

  • 1. Study contemporary communication in the context of technological change

    We are the only university that teaches and studies communication in the contemporary context of technological change. Here, you’ll become familiar with the latest technologies and how they influence – and depend on – communication. The UT – a leading technical university – is the ideal place to do this: many of the technologies that will shape our future are developed and studied right here on campus, from apps and websites to robotics and adaptive systems. Your insight into contemporary communication will give you an edge on the job market.

  • 2. Focus on the strategic role of communication within organisations

    In addition to technology, we focus on the domain of organisations in our programme. Organisations today require many different tactics to please stakeholders, keep employees satisfied, integrate new technologies, and manage public relations. In this programme you will learn to recognise these needs and to tap into the dynamics of our time, learning how to find solutions that make a positive impact, before planning, organising, and implementing them yourself. You will be able to think critically and strategically about organisational communication – a significant and highly valued skill.

  • 3. Make multi-sensory design an integral part of your repertoire

    A third unique feature of this programme is our emphasis on design. It is one of our focal points in both our Master’s and Bachelor’s programme. After all, everything communicates – from a product’s packaging or a salesperson’s clothing to the dentist’s office or the layout of a creative studio. Our emphasis on design will help you get familiar with visual communication and with the interplay of the senses. At the UT, design will become an integral part of your repertoire: you will become a communication professional who can influence behaviour and experience through multisensory design. You will be familiar with new technologies – such as Virtual Reality, ambient technology and 3D printing – and the possibilities these offer to create realistic products and spaces that appeal to all the senses.

  • 4. Become the ‘communication engineer’ of the future

    We aim to take you above and beyond classical communication science. As a university known for its many technical courses, we will teach you to think and act as an ‘engineer’. You will be equipped to systematically solve complex communication problems using theories, research and academic and professional skills. Areas like project management and collaboration are also part of this. With your academic level of thinking and your hands-on approach, you will be able to achieve the best results possible.

  • 5. Learn how to make a real difference

    One of the UT’s distinguishing characteristics is its practical application of scientific knowledge. Making a positive social impact is one of our university’s core values, and we have a strong focus on connecting communication theory with the real-life challenges and opportunities of our time. Through this programme, you will become a versatile problem-solver, able to tackle multifaceted issues assuredly. Think, for example, of public relations disasters, the integration of new technologies, and public health communications. At the UT you will gain the expertise you need to make an important contribution to our society. 

  • 6. Grow professionally and personally in our small-scale, 21st-century educational environment

    Beyond specialist knowledge and practical experience, you will develop a broad set of 21st-century skills to help you become a high-functioning professional of the future. You will learn to stay one step ahead, recognising and anticipating trends. You will develop a strong work ethos and be challenged to collaborate across disciplinary, cultural, and international boundaries. We will encourage you to flourish both professionally and personally in an informal but stimulating community of teaching staff and students – all while enjoying our magnificent campus. In short: At the UT you will become a complete communications professional.

Career perspectives

With the skills and knowledge you acquire in our Master’s in Communication Sciences, you will have excellent job prospects. On average, our graduates find a good job within two months.

Top 5 employers with the most jobs available
  1. Philips
  2. INTK
  5. FrieslandCampina
Number of job vacancies in the field of this Master’s
Based on data in the time period between 1/1/2019 till 26/11/2023
Top 5 employers with the most jobs available
  1. Adwise Internetmarketing
  2. Wehkamp
  3. Silka Holiday Rentals
  4. Zonneplan
  5. Koninklijke Grolsch
Number of job vacancies in the field of this Master’s
Based on data in the time period between 1/1/2019 till 26/11/2023
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Curious about your future job? 

To give you an idea of your future job, student Daphne Giuzio Carvalho Macedo visited alumna Kirsten van Wingerden. Kirsten is Group Account Lead at Metrixlab. In this video, Daphne asks her questions that are prevalent among students, while Kirsten gives an insight about the opportunities and challenges her job offers.

Programme overview

Master’s degree in Communication Science
Certification: MSc
CROHO code
Behavioural Management and Social Sciences
1 year
Full-time (no part-time programs possible)
Starting date
1 February 2024
1 September 2024
1 February 2025
1 September 2025
Drienerlolaan 5
7522 NB Enschede
The Netherlands
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