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Route and map

The University of Twente is located in the east of the Netherlands between the cities of Enschede and Hengelo. (Exception: The ITC faculty is located in the city centre of Enschede. For a route description to ITC visit 

Campus map

Please download the campusmap here for detailed information about building locations.


From the A1 motorway, take the A35 motorway towards Enschede. Then take exit no.26 Enschede-West/Universiteit.Follow the signs Universiteit. If you use a navigation system, navigate to Drienerlolaan 5 in Enschede, Netherlands. 

From Germany

If you are travelling from Germany by car:

  • Option 1: From the German A30, cross the border and follow the motorway (Dutch A1). Take the A35 motorway towards Enschede.
  • Option 2: From the German A31, follow the signs to Enschede. After crossing the border, stay on N35/A35.

Then on A35, take exit no.26 Enschede-West/Universiteit. Follow the signs Universiteit. If you use a navigation system, navigate to Drienerlolaan 5 in Enschede, Netherlands. 

BY PLANE to Schiphol (AMS)

If you come by plane, usually you fly into Schiphol, the largest airport in the Netherlands, close to Amsterdam. There is an intercity train from Schiphol that goes straight to Enschede Central Station. The trip from Schiphol to Enschede takes about two hours. When you arrive at the train station in Enschede, take bus line 1 to 'Universiteit Twente'. There are several bus stops on the campus. (Second option: Switch trains in Hengelo and travel further with a regional train to station Enschede Kennispark. This station is located at walking distance of the University of Twente main entrance (about 1 km).


Take a train to Hengelo, Enschede or Enschede Kennispark. After that, follow the bus instructions below.
NS train journey planner.

From Germany

Enschede has a German station connecting Enschede with Coesfeld, Münster and Dortmund. If you take one of these trains, follow the bus instructions below from Enschede to the UT.

If you take the InterCity from Berlin to Amsterdam, your train will stop in Hengelo. From Hengelo, follow the bus instructions below.


From Hengelo railway station take either bus 15 to Universiteit or bus 9 to Enschede (busses 17, 18, and 19 also pass the University).
From Enschede railway station take either bus 1 to Universiteit or bus 9 to Hengelo
From Enschede Kennispark railway station take bus 1 to Universiteit.