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Bachelor Chemical Science & Engineering

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Develop new (sustainable) processes and materials, using chemistry as your starting point

What is the most efficient way of storing electrical energy? What kind of filter would it take to filter out as much clean hydrogen from a mixture of gases? What composition would you expect from a material that is superconducting at a relatively high temperature, and how could you make it? If this variety of questions intrigues you, the three-year, English-taught bachelor’s programme Chemical Science & Engineering at the University of Twente is the right choice for you.

In this bachelor’s programme, the focus is on the technological application of chemistry. You will become an expert in engineering, designing and developing new (sustainable) processes and materials, using chemistry as your starting point.

Tim studies Chemical Science & Engineering

Watch Tim Schuttevaer’s vlog to experience a day in the life of a Chemical Science & Engineering student!

Read more about the study programme Chemical Science, admission requirements, application deadline and career prospects, or about our subsequent two-year Master’s programme Chemical Engineering. Check our student’s characteristics to see if this is the programme for you.

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Why study Chemical Science & Engineering?

There are dozens of reasons to sign up for this bachelor’s programme. Discover the top six here.

  • Benefit from a broad education

    This programme will familiarise you with different areas in the field of chemical engineering, including foundational topics, such as material science and process technology. More physics-oriented courses, such as thermodynamics, transport phenomena and quantum chemistry, are also part of the curriculum. You will get a firm grasp of the mathematics necessary for solving chemical-technological problems, such as performing the calculations to design a large chemical process. With a solid basis in chemistry, material science and process technology, you will discover almost endless application possibilities. This means you will be able to pursue many different directions with this bachelor’s degree.

  • Work on our society’s future

    As a Chemical Science & Engineering graduate you will be an expert in topics that are important for the future of our society. For example, you may be developing an energy-saving process that did not exist when you first started your bachelor's degree. You could be the one who develops the membrane that separates H2 on large scale from industrial gas streams. Or you may discover an outstanding technique for desalinating liquids. Perhaps your research will contribute to the development of a battery for more efficient storage of electrical energy, or a new method for targeted delivery of medical drugs to the point of care in a human body. In short, your work will make a difference!

  • Take part in world-class research

    The Chemical Science & Engineering programme works closely with scientists at our renowned research institutes MESA+ (Institute for Nanotechnology) and Technical Medical Centre, as well as scientists who are active in our process technology research programmes. Our fields of research at the University of Twente include the production of drinking water, renewable energy and basic chemicals, developing super materials and many exciting developments in the health domain. Later, you may work on developing sustainable processes that will make all the difference to people and society in the future. You will join a new generation of chemists equipped to design the materials and processes needed for that.

  • Receive guidance from the best staff

    Chemical Science & Engineering is a small-scale programme with around 50 to 60 new students every year. It offers a great atmosphere and the distance between professors and students is small, which contributes to you getting plenty of personal attention. Also, your ideas and input really matter to us. Together with the student association Alembic, we are constantly improving our education and organizing all sorts of study-related activities. It’s not without reason that for years Chemical Science & Engineering has been acclaimed as a Top Programme in the Dutch Keuzegids Universiteiten.

  • Grow as a 21st century professional, while enjoying our amazing campus

    In addition to in-depth professional expertise, you will develop a broad package of 21st-century skills and personal competences in this programme, including a work ethos centring on self-reflection and lifelong learning. Our informal, personal approach is aimed at helping you flourish both professionally and personally. You will become more entrepreneurial and learn to apply academic knowledge to the realities of our society. Our project-based education will challenge you to look beyond disciplinary and cultural barriers and to work together with others. On top of that, you will have an unforgettable student experience thanks to our magnificent, green campus and the vibrant student city of Enschede - a place of knowledge, innovation and fun!

  • What is a typical Chemical Science & Engineering student like?

    Our many years of experience show that many of our most successful and satisfied students share certain characteristics. CSE students, typically, are curious and interested in physics and chemistry. They have a passion for exploring and practically applying exact subjects: they want to use their knowledge to make a difference in the real world. They do not shy away from complex issues with a wide variety of aspects. And they are really good at such technical, scientific subjects. Mathematics, and physics are part of the language of chemical engineers. That means that as an aspiring CSE student, you don’t have to excel in the sciences, but it certainly comes in handy if you do.

Leonie Krab-Hüsken, Programme Director

Chemical Science & Engineering is a top-rated programme. This great accomplishment is owing to the close collaboration between our motivated students, excellent lecturers, and dedicated staff. Together, we are committed to create an optimal learning environment to ensure that our students can develop to their full potential and become future-proof chemical engineers.

Leonie Krab-Hüsken, Programme Director

Programme overview

Top rated programme
Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering
Certification: BSc
CROHO code
Science and Technology
3 years
Full-time (no part-time programs possible)
Starting date
1 September 2024
1 September 2025
Drienerlolaan 5
7522 NB Enschede
The Netherlands
On programme request
Numerus fixus
Does not apply for the programme
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