Are you eager to deepen your understanding of human behaviour, while gaining the practical skills to create and design effective solutions?

Do you see yourself using your psychological expertise to solve real-world, contemporary issues, in fields as diverse as industry, education, health, technology, and safety? Are you looking for a solid Master's programme that combines the academic rigor of classical psychology with a practical, 21st-century approach that will make you a future-proof psychologist? If so, then the University of Twente’s Master’s in Psychology is the right choice for you. You can start in September or February. 

Psychology in the 21st century  

At the University of Twente, we believe that to understand human behaviour means to understand the world. In tackling today’s challenges, from new technologies and global conflicts to health crises and changing perceptions of identity, psychologists must go beyond academic theory, and become practical problem-solvers. In this Master’s, you will receive not only the specialist knowledge necessary to become an expert, but also the hands-on skills to apply your expertise in helping people, communities and organisations.

This programme will equip you with the tools to become a leading 21st-century psychologist:

  • By combining classical and theoretical psychology with a technologically informed and applied approach, you will be ready to tackle complex present-day and future problems
  • You will learn to be both a designer and a researcher, either in a research context or in designing effective interventions to influence human behaviour 
  • With our emphasis on contemporary and future technology, you will gain valuable insight into our 21st-century society, gaining the skills needed to help people
  • By specialising in five one-of-a-kind fields, you can shape your Master’s degree to your own interests, preparing yourself for the career path of your choice

Whether you become a psychologist counselling individual clients, or an adviser or problem-solver in industry, government, public health and health care or education, studying Psychology at the University of Twente will make you a valuable asset, equipping you to make a real difference in our world.

The specialisations offered are

Main reasons to take Psychology at the University of Twente

There are many reasons to choose this Master’s at the University of Twente. Here are the main reasons:

  • Study psychology in the context of technological change

    New technologies give rise to new questions about human behaviour. How does surveillance technology affect our perception of risk? How can new apps help prevent obesity? How do we understand human error in the age of Artificial Intelligence? At the University of Twente, we make sure that you’re equipped to find solutions for these present-day problems. By integrating case studies, ideas, and applications related to innovative technology, you will become a versatile, future-proof psychologist. Depending on your specialisation, you could learn about developing effective education apps, the role of eHealth, or the interaction between people and technology. And what better place to study than at one of the world’s leading tech universities? Your insight into human behaviour and your direct access to current technological developments will give you an advantage on the job market.

  • Gain a base of theoretical knowledge and a wealth of applied skills

    To become a future-proof psychologist, we believe you need to have both a strong base of theoretical knowledge and applied practical skills. The University of Twente is one of the few places where you will learn all you need to learn about current psychological theories, while also developing what we call an ‘engineering’ mind-set. You will be trained as a designer and a researcher, capable of conducting scientific research and applying your knowledge to real-world problems by systematically engineering interventions.

  • Specialise and become the psychologist you want to be

    At the UT, we offer a unique set of five applied specialisations, so you can become an expert in your preferred field. These options are wide-ranging, distinct, and highly relevant for employment in our society. The specialisations are: Positive Psychology & Technology, with its unique approach to working as a clinical psychologist; Human Factors & Engineering Psychology, the perfect preparation for a career linking human behaviour and technology; Conflict, Risk & Safety, which focuses on safety and security and the role new technologies play in this field; Health Psychology & Technology, the track for those who want to support people living a healthy (mental and physical) life integrating the advantages of technology; and Learning Sciences, in which you apply psychology and technology to education and learning – an area in which the UT conducts pioneering research. Your specialism will make you a highly employable psychology professional.

  • Develop an international, intercultural, and interdisciplinary view of your field

    As a psychologist of the future, you will come into contact with people operating across geographical, cultural, and disciplinary boundaries. The UT prides itself upon its multidisciplinary approach. We are lucky to have a rich international environment with students and staff from a wide range of backgrounds. Throughout the course, you will tackle cases from many countries, not just the Netherlands. As a psychology student, you will learn to join forces with experts from other disciplines. This is important, because we believe that the best solutions are increasingly being discovered through multidisciplinary team cooperation.

  • Develop your ‘21st-century skills’ in a small-scale educational environment at a cool campus

    A psychology Master at the UT is refreshingly small-scale compared to other universities. We believe that an open, informal, and friendly atmosphere is the perfect setting for studying. We will know you personally, and focus on helping you learn and develop as a person. Beyond your studies, you will develop a work ethos built upon self-reflection, self-improvement, and lifelong learning. In short, you will become a well-rounded person – and all of that on an inspiring campus that is the only one of its kind in the Netherlands: the best location for an unforgettable student experience.

  • Graduate with an excellent range of job perspectives

    As an expert in human behaviour, your proficiency in applying psychological and technological knowledge to solve problems, your solid academic understanding and your specialisation, will make you a highly sought-after graduate. Many doors closed to traditional psychologists will swing open for you. From behavioral science, consultancy, research, or training, you will be able to make a difference in numerous fields.

Programme overview

Master’s degree in Psychology
Certification: MSc
CROHO code
Behavioural Management and Social sciences
1 year
Full-time (no part-time programs possible)
English taught
Starting date
1 February 2022
1 September 2022
1 February 2023
1 September 2023
Numerus fixus
Does not apply for the programme
Selection for specialisation Positive Clinical Psychology & Technology
As of the academic year 2022-2023, the master's specialisation in Positive Clinical Psychology & Technology will use a selection procedure.
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