Bachelor Mechanical Engineering

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As a mechanical engineer, you have a firm grasp of the technology our society is built on.

Are you eager to create technological solutions that make a difference in our society? Do you dream of being an expert in inventing, designing, improving and maintaining all kinds of machines, constructions and processes? From a roller coaster, an airplane or a future energy installation to an innovative hearing aid, or the hinges for a robotic hand? Are you looking for a university where you can learn to integrate and apply mechanical engineering theory in realistic team projects? If you are, the three-year, English-taught Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering (ME) is the right choice for you.

Read more about the study programme, mandatory matching,  the admission requirements, the application deadline and career prospects for the Mechanical Engineering programme, or about the subsequent two-year Master’s in Mechanical Engineering.

Jasper's vlog as mechanical engineering student

Are you curious what it's like to study Mechanical Engineering? Jasper shows you a day in his student life.

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Why study Mechanical Engineering?

There are dozens of reasons to sign up for this Bachelor’s. Read the top six here!

  • Mechanical Engineering at university level with a strong focus on practical application

    Societal impact is one of UT’s core values. In this programme you will learn all the scientific theory and skills you would expect from a bachelor’s programme – as well as how to apply mechanical engineering in practice. We have a strong commitment to the application and will help you cultivate your versatility and resourcefulness. In every module, you and your project team will tackle a real-life, practical problem. This will help you to get in step with the latest scientific knowledge and possibilities and build a solid foundation for your future in mechanical engineering. It will also help you discover which team role, or combination of roles, best suits you (in our education we differentiate three roles: researcher, designer or organizer).

  • A smooth transition from secondary school to uni with our unique TIME programme

    The transition from pre-university education to the Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering has its challenges. To help you overcome them, we offer a balanced introduction programme: Twente Introduction to Mechanical Engineering, or ‘TIME’ (we’re the only Bachelor’s in ME in The Netherlands that does this). TIME will help you convert your knowledge of mathematics and physics to mechanical engineering from the very first week. You will soon feel perfectly at home with the problem-solving mindset that is essential in this field of study. The TIME programme increases your chances of succeeding in your studies. It also gives you a quick overview of the learning trajectories that run through this course, such as Mechanics, Materials, Energy, Design and Academic Skills. You will discover how to study in a way that allows you to remember tomorrow what you learn today – a vital ability in Mechanical Engineering, as you will need the knowledge you gradually acquire over and over again.

  • A programme with above-average personal guidance

    An important distinguishing feature of this Bachelor’s is our personal approach. We have an ‘open-door’ policy and you will receive more individual support and guidance from us than you would at most other universities. The atmosphere among teachers and students is agreeable and informal: you can always approach someone with your questions. This will help you to make the most of your possibilities and of working and spending time with others. At UT, you will also discover that your ideas and input matter: together with our active student association W.S.G. Isaac Newton, we are constantly improving our education and organizing all sorts of study-related activities. In short, we’re fully geared to help you become an expert in Mechanical Engineering!

  • An international, interdisciplinary programme at a leading technical university

    UT, a world-class university of technology, offers the ideal environment for a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering. You will learn to team up with experts in other disciplines while becoming firmly anchored in your own field. For example, in one of the modules, you will be rubbing shoulders with some of our Design Engineering and Industrial Engineering & Management students. Developing skills in interdisciplinary collaboration will give you an edge on the job market. Our programme’s international flavour is another asset, exposing you to students from The Netherlands, other parts of Europe and from around the world, and to staff members from countries such as India, Pakistan, Iran and Spain. Even the curriculum has an international perspective: for example, in one of the modules, you will adapt an American power plant for Chinese application, looking not only at the technology but also at environmental and societal interests and regulations. We invest seriously in intercultural skills and if you want to follow courses abroad we will help you. So if you’re keen to cross-disciplinary as well as cultural and national borders in your career, this Bachelor’s is the perfect preparation.

  • Preparing for a master’s with excellent career prospects

    The demand for mechanical engineers who combine scientific knowledge with practical skills is increasing both in The Netherlands and abroad. Especially if after the Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering you complete a master’s – in Mechanical Engineering or a related subject – you are almost guaranteed to quickly find a good job. Most of our master’s students find jobs as engineers within 2 or 3 months of graduating. As a mechanical engineer, you will be a respected professional with excellent career opportunities.

  • Grow as a 21st-century professional and enjoy our magnificent campus

    In addition to thorough professional knowledge and skills, you will develop a broad package of 21st-century skills and personal competences in this programme. You develop a working attitude focused on self-reflection and lifelong learning. Our informal, personal approach is aimed at helping you flourish both professionally and personally. You become more entrepreneurial and learn to apply academic knowledge to social practice. We challenge you to look beyond disciplinary and cultural boundaries and to work well together with others. Additionally, you will have an unforgettable student experience thanks to our wonderful, green campus and the vibrant student city of Enschede, a city full of knowledge, innovation and fun!

Programme overview

Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering
Certification: BSc
CROHO code
Engineering Technology
3 years
Full-time (no part-time programs possible)
Starting date
1 September 2024
1 September 2025
Drienerlolaan 5
7522 NB Enschede
The Netherlands
On programme request
Numerus fixus
Does not apply for the programme
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