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Bachelor Business Information Technology

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Understanding and tackling business challenges with the possibilities of computer science

How can companies today make the smartest use of the growing possibilities offered by digitisation, automation, big data, the Internet of Things, machine learning, Artificial Intelligence and other branches of IT? How do you prevent expensive automation projects from eventually failing, or how do you avoid a patchwork of systems and IT solutions that is more a hindrance than a help to employees? How do you ensure that new technologies increase business performance and offer optimum ease of use? How do you translate the many wishes and needs within a company into relevant, future-oriented IT solutions? If questions like these fascinate you, our three-year, English-taught Bachelor’s in Business Information Technology (BIT) is the right choice for you.

Read more about the study programme, the admission requirements, application deadlines and career prospects for the Bachelor’s Business Information Technology, or about our two-year, English-taught Master’s in Business Information Technology.

The Bachelor’s Business Information Technology starts every year in September. The programme takes three years and is completely English-taught. 

Impression of Business Information Technology

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Why study business Information Technology?

There are many reasons to sign up for the Bachelor’s Business Information Technology. Read about the most important ones here!

  • Make companies future-proof by automating business processes

    The Bachelor’s Business Information Technology will help you become a specialist in designing information systems for business purposes. With your understanding of both business and computer science, you will know how to make processes smarter, and how to solve complex automation problems in large companies. In this multi-disciplinary programme, you will learn to speak the languages of IT specialists and managers alike. Your insight into both business administration challenges and technological possibilities will enable you to make connexions others might miss. You will be able to help companies perform better at all levels: management will be better equipped to better develop strategy; operational activities – such as administration, customer contact, or production – will be more effective and efficient; and employees will be able to perform their tasks better. In short, you will help businesses become more future-proof and successful.

  • A highly valued programme that combines business administration and computer science

    Business Information Technology is one of the most highly valued programmes in the Netherlands in the field of business information management. One of the main reasons for this is the strong content we offer. In this Bachelor’s you don’t get ‘a bit of business administration and a bit of computer science’, neither is it ‘a whole lot of business administration with a touch of IT’, or vice versa. We have completely integrated the two areas, building it on the work of two different faculties: your teachers represent both business administration and computer science, and in each course you follow and every project you carry out, both perspectives are intertwined – just as they are in today’s business world. You will soon be able to translate leadership and management teams’ vision and ambitions into system requirements and performance-enhancing IT architecture – which you can then design and build yourself, with or without the involvement of developers.

  • A small-scale, international setting with room for personal attention and input

    The programmes strength is reinforced by its scale: we educate around 100 first-year students, which minimises the distance between students and staff. We offer a pleasant atmosphere with plenty of room for personal attention. Here you will discover that your ideas and input matter: together with the student association Inter-Actief, we are constantly improving our education and we organise all sorts of study-related activities. Additionally, our programme will help you get used to working in an international setting: English is the lingua franca, the reading material and projects are internationally oriented, and almost half of our students are international. All of this will give you valuable experience in crossing both cultural and disciplinary barriers. In short, this is an excellent place to become an expert in Business Information Technology.

  • An academic programme that takes you to the heart of professional practice

    Social impact is one of UT’s core values and you’ll soon notice that in this programme. You will get all the business administration and computer science theory and skills you can expect from a university-level bachelor’s – from internationally recognised researchers in fields such as Data Science, Enterprise Architecture, Design Science (methodology design), Supply Chain Management and Smart Logistics/Smart Industry. At the same time, you will be exposed intensively to practical application. This programme will take you straight to the heart of professional practice and equip you to help businesses take their place in tomorrow’s digital society. You will get involved in many projects and practical assignments, while regularly having guest lecturers who work in our field. From day one you set to work on concrete, topical assignments related to information and technology in the business world. Starting in the first module, for example, you and your project team will dive into the well-known Batavierenrace – a massive student relay race – to develop an app for one of its stakeholder groups: athletes, doctors, organisers, or for example, motorcyclists. In the second year, during one of the practical projects, you and your team have to come up with, create and market an innovative product. Projects like these will give valuable practical experience while still a student.

  • The ideal preparation for a master’s with excellent career prospects

    In the (international) business world, there is a growing demand for academically trained professionals, who combine knowledge of business and IT with a sharp eye for the human factor. The competences you develop throughout the bachelor’s will make you highly sought after in the job market. Especially if you complete a Master’s – for example Business Information Technology or Computer Science – you can be sure to quickly find a good job after graduating. Many master’s students find a job before they even graduate, through their internship, for example; some can even choose between three or four job offers. Even during your bachelor’s studies, you’re likely to be able to find a fun side job – at a software company, for example. The need for automation experts who understand more than just the technical side is huge.

  • Grow as a 21st century professional and enjoy our magnificent campus

    In addition to thorough professional knowledge and skills, you will develop a broad package of 21st century skills and personal competences in this programme. You develop a working attitude focused on self-reflection and lifelong learning. Our informal, personal approach is aimed at helping you flourish both professionally and personally. You become more entrepreneurial and learn to apply academic knowledge to social practice. We challenge you to look beyond disciplinary and cultural barriers and to work well together with other, like in our strong project-based education. During your time studying Business Information Technology you will have an unforgettable student experience thanks to our wonderful, green campus and the vibrant student city of Enschede, a city full of knowledge, innovation and fun!

Programme overview

Bachelor’s degree in Business Information Technology
Certification: BSc
CROHO code
Electrical Engineering Mathematics and Computer Science
3 years
Full-time (no part-time programs possible)
Starting date
1 September 2024
1 September 2025
Drienerlolaan 5
7522 NB Enschede
The Netherlands
On programme request
Numerus fixus
Does not apply for the programme
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