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Carve out your own path in the varied landscape of science and technology.

Are you interested in many different aspects of science and technology? Rather than focusing on a single discipline, do you want to carve out your own path through various fields of expertise? If so, then the three-year, English-taught Bachelor’s in Advanced Technology at the University of Twente (UT) is the right choice for you. This Bachelor’s brings together a broad range of science and engineering disciplines.

Why study Advanced Technology?

There are dozens of reasons to sign up for the Bachelor’s in Advanced Technology. Here we list the most evident ones for you. 

  • Make your own way in the world of science & engineering

    The fact that you are looking into studying at a technical university means that you want to do ‘something with technology’. But do you want to aim for electrical engineering, mathematics, or does nanotechnology appeal to you? After graduating, do you see yourself working in mechanical engineering, process technology, or mechatronics? With this Bachelor’s degree you can do all of these things. This is the perfect programme for you if you want to cover a broad range of disciplines in science & engineering. No wonder the Advanced Technology programme’s slogan is: explore and develop your science and engineering talents.

  • The most multi-faceted technical bachelor’s programme in the Netherlands

    Advanced Technology at UT is the most varied technology bachelor’s in the Netherlands, making it one of a kind. That fact alone will give you a head start on other Bachelor of Science graduates. You will receive broad training from multi-disciplinary perspectives. Think, for example, of subjects like nanotechnology, robotics and mechatronics, as well as big data, the energy transition and sustainable technology. If, after graduating, you join a project team that includes e.g. mechanical engineers, industrial managers and electrical engineers, you will be the one who has an overall, objective view of the project. You will be equipped to take part in the project from start to finish, rather than focusing on a specific part and then handing it over to the next specialist. As an AT graduate, you will be skilled analysing questions from various angles and speaking the language of very different disciplines.

  • Personal guidance from the best teachers in a relaxed, informal atmosphere

    Like many of the UT’s programmes, Advanced Technology is small in scale, which means that as a student you will receive more intensive guidance than elsewhere: there is plenty of space for personal attention. This support is amongst other interventions, also done by our three study advisors. The atmosphere is great and the distance between professors and students is small. At Advanced Technology your input matters: together with the student association Astatine, we are constantly improving our education and organising all sorts of study-related activities. On top of that, you will experience student life in an unforgettable way, thanks to our beautiful, green campus where you can live, study and enjoy yourself.

  • Direct access to an exciting variety of master’s programmes

    With a three-year programme tailored to your interests, the bachelor’s degree AT makes you directly admissible to the master’s of your choice – not just at UT, but also at other universities in the Netherlands and abroad. If you make the right choices in your third year, you will have direct access to most master’s programmes without needing a pre-master's programme. Various AT students have been admitted to renowned universities for their master’s degree, for example, the University of Cambridge and ETH in Zurich.

  • Plenty of room for personal initiative

    As an AT student you will be challenged to think outside the box. This means that there is a lot of room for personal initiative: if you want to deepen your knowledge in a certain area, we will encourage you in that. For example, during your studies you can get your teaching certificate, study abroad for half a year or, if you are looking for an extra challenge, take part in the UT’s Honours programme. Perhaps joining one of UT’s multi-disciplinary student teams sound interesting to you? Our teams include Green Team Twente, Solar Team Twente, Solar Boat Twente, RoboTeam Twente and Electric Superbike. As an AT student with multi-disciplinary skills, you will a great asset.

  • Grow as a 21st century professional and enjoy our magnificent campus

    In addition to thorough professional knowledge and skills, you will develop a broad package of 21stcentury skills and personal competences in this programme. You develop a working attitude focused on self-reflection and lifelong learning. Our informal, personal approach is aimed at helping you flourish both professionally and personally. You become more entrepreneurial and learn to apply academic knowledge to social practice. We challenge you to look beyond disciplinary and cultural barriers and to work well together with others, like in our strong project-based education. During your time at UT, you will have an unforgettable student experience thanks to our wonderful, green campus and the vibrant student city of Enschede, a city full of knowledge, innovation and fun!

Jasmijn, Bachelor's student Advanced Technology

Studying Advanced Technology helps you to automatically view problems from a multidisciplinary lens. You can easily switch between different perspectives and thus make connections between disciplines.

Jasmijn, Bachelor's student Advanced Technology

werner's vlog as advanced technology student

Are you curious what it is like to study Advanced Technology? Werner shows you a day in his student life.

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Programme overview

Bachelor’s degree in Advanced Technology
Certification: BSc
CROHO code
Science and Technology
3 years
Full-time (no part-time programs possible)
Starting date
1 September 2024
1 September 2025
Drienerlolaan 5
7522 NB Enschede
The Netherlands
On programme request
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