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Advanced Technology is a one of a kind Bachelor’s programme, taught only at the University of Twente. If you are inspired by the idea of combining diverse disciplines to develop new technologies and to solve the problems of tomorrow, like pioneer Leonardo da Vinci – philosopher, engineer, physicist, chemist and artist – this programme is sure to appeal to you. Advanced Technology is a broad technical programme that is finely tuned to society’s needs. Its multidisciplinary approach combines different engineering and natural science disciplines.


Are you curious what it is like to study Advanced Technology? Werner shows you a day in his student life.

Discover more about Advanced Technology at the University of Twente, check out the study programme or apply for “student for a day” and experience for yourself what this exciting study programme and student life at Twente are all about!

What is Advanced Technology?

We live in a rapidly changing world. This offers unprecedented opportunities, but it also presents us with complex problems, such as the need for energy-efficient transport and new sources of clean energy. In the Advanced Technology programme, you will learn to combine various disciplines to create multidisciplinary solutions to these problems. Its broad approach brings together a range of engineering and natural science disciplines, giving you the scope to come up with innovative and unexpected solutions to new problems without being confined to a single area of science. You will learn how to combine knowledge from electrical engineering, chemical engineering, applied physics, mathematics, and mechanical engineering  in a context that is both commercial and society-conscious.

Study programme

In this varied and fascinating programme, you will experience a range of completely different settings and draw on all the theoretical knowledge you have acquired in a wide range of different disciplines to successfully tackle a series of challenging projects. You will soon discover the immense value of examining a problem from different perspectives and experience the fulfilment of producing a solution. The programme also develops your awareness of how society can gain the greatest benefit from the solutions you devise.

An internationally recognized Bachelor’s degree in Advanced Technology is an excellent preparation for a number of different Master’s programmes at the University of Twente or other universities in The Netherlands or abroad. The most common Master’s choices lie within the fields of mechatronics, process engineering and materials.

Read more about the study programme for Advanced Technology.

What makes advanced technology unique?

Do you love to figure out the technology behind the world around us? And are you eager to use the insights you gain to tackle real problems faced by people and society? If so, Advanced Technology may well be the programme for you. This high-level, international programme will equip you to take on almost any technological challenge. Besides that, it will give you access to a great variety of (technical) Master’s programmes. The programme centres on practical projects. You will study in an informal, personal setting. Find out why Advanced Technology at the University of Twente would suit you. Check the admission requirements or contact us for more information.

Programme overview

Bachelor’s degree in Advanced Technology
Certification: BSc
3 years
Full-time (no part-time programs possible)
English taught
Starting date
1 September 2019
1 September 2020
1 September 2021
On programme request
Numerus fixus
Does not apply for the programme
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