Would you like to contribute to improvements in the healthcare industry? Does the spirit of innovation appeal to you? Then the Bachelor’s programme in Health Sciences is what you are looking for. In this programme you will learn to analyze healthcare issues from different perspectives, and to design, implement and evaluate improvements. The programme stands out by distinctly focusing on healthcare as well as technology, and by taking a practice-based approach. Another distinct characteristic is the small-scale educational concept.

This Bachelor’s programme in Health Sciences is taught in Dutch. Detailed information about the programme is available in Dutch and German only. We also offer a Master's programme in Health Sciences


Health Science
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Programme overview

Bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences
Certification: BSc
3 years
Full-time (no part-time programs possible)
Dutch taught
Starting date
1 September 2019
Drienerlolaan 5
7522 NB Enschede
The Netherlands
On student request
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Integrating healthcare and technology

Health Sciences at the University of Twente specifically covers the combination of healthcare and technology. Technology plays an increasingly important part in healthcare. Due to rapid developments in this field healthcare is faced with all kinds of questions. For instance, if more technology (e.g. a care robot) is used in healthcare, what will the consequences be for doctors, patients and the care process as a whole? How to tell if a hypermodern new treatment is better than the current one? Which treatments are to be reimbursed by medical insurance? Who is allowed to administer newly developed medicine? Should laws and regulations be adapted accordingly? This is the type of questions you will be dealing with in this Dutch-taught Bachelor’s programme. Health Sciences is not a technical programme. You will not acquire in-depth knowledge of how technology works or how to design it. What you will learn is how to judge from different perspectives if the use of technology contributes to improving healthcare. This is the kind of knowledge that will continue to become more important in modern healthcare.

Different perspectives

In the programme you will learn to analyze healthcare issues from different perspectives, use methods and models, and design, implement and evaluate improvements. You will gain insight into the quality of care for individual patients, organizational processes and the impact of policy on national healthcare. You will familiarize yourself with the themes of health and sickness, organization and policy, technology in healthcare, and research methodology. In the process you will learn to look at the entire healthcare process from a helicopter view.

Science and practice

A distinguishing characteristic of the Bachelor's programme in Health Sciences at the University of Twente is that we aim to teach you to apply scientific research in order to solve practical problems. Throughout the programme you will work on a lot of projects, during which you will directly – and very practically – apply the knowledge you have gained. In this way you will become skilled at analyzing and solving problems. You will engage in planning, working together, researching, analyzing and presenting. This will strengthen your ability to systematically and scientifically solve problems and to think innovatively – all skills that future employers, such as hospitals, insurance companies, consultants and the government, are eager to find. 

The right choice for you?

The University of Twente offers you a small-scale educational environment with a relaxed atmosphere. We challenge you to work with others in order to solve real-world healthcare problems. Would you like to develop an academic approach that will enable you to connect people, systems, organizations and technology? Are you thrilled by the prospect of predicting healthcare trends based on evaluation and research, and optimizing policy, management and healthcare processes? Are you a go-getter with an interest in healthcare innovation? Then Health Sciences at Twente is the programme for you!

More information

Do you want to find out more about the Bachelor's programme in Health Sciences? Take a look at the study programme, the admission requirements and the career prospects. Feel free to contact us for more information. 

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