Algorithms and Software AI

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Algorithms and Software AI takes you inside the brains of a robot and what it takes for a robot to understand and respond in a relevant way to what is going on around it.  

What to expect 

If you choose Algorithms and Software AI, you focus on the decision-making process inside a robotic system, learning to develop its ability to process external signals into autonomous, relevant movements and actions. You gain advanced knowledge of algorithms for perception, cognition, and navigation, as well as of systems engineering, optimal estimation, and machine learning. Questions you learn to tackle may include: How do you enable a robot to combine and analyse all the information its sensors collect? How do you enable it to use that information in order to sense its environment and act, or find its way, effectively? How do you apply AI to develop the right algorithms, and how do you implement those in a working prototype? Research questions in this specialisation typically centre on advanced sensor data analysis, designing algorithms for perception, cognition and navigation, and programming robotic controllers. 


The compulsory courses for this specialisation are:

If want to know more about the courses, have a look at the curriculum.

During your master’s thesis, you could study: 

  1. Real-time robot software framework on Raspberry Pi using Xenomai and ROS2
  2. Towards continuous control for mobile robot navigation: A reinforcement learning and SLAM based approach 
  3. Unifying State Representation Learning with Intrinsic Motivations in Reinforcement Learning
  4. Autonomous navigation of the PIRATE using Reinforcement Learning
  5. Lidar and pattern recognition-based feature detection in closed gas-pipe structures

Type of degree 

On completing this master’s with a specialisation in Algorithms and Software AI, you receive a Master’s degree in Robotics. Also, you can title yourself Master of Science (MSc). Your specialisation is mentioned specifically on your diploma supplement, highlighting your specialised knowledge and skills in Algorithms and Software Artificial Intelligence. 

Job oppportunities 

With specialisation on your Master’s degree, you will be a specialist in machine learning for robots and development of complex robotics algorithms. You can also get a job as a robotics systems engineer, combining your specialised knowledge with a broader view on other (robotics) disciplines. 

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