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Cafés, restaurants and canteens

The restaurants and canteens on the campus are freely accessible: staff, students and visitor are all welcome. All buildings are open on working days. On Sunday only the Sports Canteen is open. Please note: opening hours differ during holidays.

In all canteens and restaurants on campus, at Starbucks and at Subway you can pay with cash and debit card. 

U Parkhotel À la carte restaurant

Our U Parkhotel has its à la carte restaurant. Head chef, Sjors Riewald, steers his own course. Full of ambition and using the very best Twente has to offer. The menu changes with the seasons. More information can be found on the U Parkhotel website.


Starbucks store Campus University of Twente

You can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee and more in the Educafe of the Zilverling building. 

Opening hours Monday - Friday 8:00 - 18:00


In the Atrium of the Bastille, you can find a Subway restaurant, known for it's generous sandwiches. If choosing is too hard, there is always the Sub of the day. Opening hours: workdays from 9:00 - 19:00 hr, saturdays from 12:00 - 18:00 hr.

Appèl Canteens 

Banqueting and all catering in the canteens / restaurants is provided by Appèl. More information is available at

For a lunch sandwich, cup of soup or a hot snack, go to the canteens located in Spiegel (building 2), Ravelijn (building 10), Horst (building 20), Technohal (building 18) and Waaier (building 12). The largest/main canteen is located in the Waaier building, also offering hot meals during lunch and dinner time. The Technohal canteen serves only vegetarian food and drinks.


An excellent cup of coffee (or tea), accompanied by a muffin if you want, is served at the Coffee Corners in the buildings Ravelijn, Spiegel and Waaier.


The restaurant at visitors centre The Gallery. A perfect lunch amid the dynamic atmosphere of startups and entrepreneurs.

Location: Gallery (building 17)

Student restaurant de Waaier

Mensa, the students restaurant, serves a hot meal, offering a daily choice of two dishes. Next to that, they always have a vegetarian dish available. We try to serve an international meal each day. You can also choose from a selection of sandwiches, salads or hot snacks.

The Mensa is located in the building Waaier (building 12).


The Theatre Café is a relaxed canteen with a good lunch assortment, located at the student boulevard. In fine weather, everyone will sit on the terrace outside. At night, the canteen is transformed into a beanery. From 5:00 pm you can order the day's special or a dish from the varied menu.

Location: Vrijhof, building no 47


Here you can enjoy your coffee, soft drink or beer, also during the weekends. You can find the Sports Centre at the heart of the campus.

Locations: Sports Centre (building no 49)


The students pub at the heart of the campus. Open every night from 9:00 pm. During the year, this is where many student parties and special events at night take place. The Vesting Bar is run and staffed exclusively by students. Open till late, or early...

Location: Bastille (building no 48)

Spending the night

u parkhotel

The U Park hotel is located on University of Twente campus, on the outskirts of the forest. The hotel has 72 rooms. It has good parking facilities. 

The U Parkhotel has its own website for bookings and information.


The Campus has seven log cabins available, with 105 beds in total (fifteen per cabin). The cabins are very suitable as informal group accommodations. Users of the log cabins can make use of "De Stall", a large indoor area for group activities.


  • There is electricity in the log cabins.
  • Division: ground floor: five bunkbeds with ten beds. First floor: five single beds.
  • There are closets in the log cabins.
  • The heating system in the cabins is provided only for keeping them frost-free.
  • Guests will have to bring their own sleeping bags/eiderdowns, pillow cases, towels and matrass covers.
  • Showers and toilets are accommodated in a separate sanitary block at 25 m of the cabins. There are separate facilities for men and women.


One phone call with the Booking Office is sufficient for a first informal contact. After that you will receive an offer that suits your wishes.


A deposit of € 50,- per log cabin will be charged. Deposit and rent must be paid in advance. The deposit will be repaid after a joint check prior to your departure.


All agreements entered into by the Booking Office are subject to the reservation and cancellation conditions of the Booking Office (PDF) of the University of Twente.