Awards, grants, fellowships

Below, you will find an overview of all UT researchers who have won the Spinoza Prize, who have been granted a VENI, VIDI, VICI, ERC grant, Simon Stevin Meesterschap, FOM Valorisation Prizes or who are members of the Academia Europaea, KNAW or "De Jonge Akademie" (Young Academy).

University professors


ERC Advanced grants

ERC Consolidator grants

ERC Starting grants

NWO-VICI grants

NWO-VIDI grants

NWO-VENI grants

Stevin Prize

Simon Stevin Meester

FOM-valorisatie prijs

Academia Europaea

KNAW fellows

Emeriti (retired members) of the KNAW are:

Prof. Dr J.J.A. (Jaques) Thomassen, Prof. Dr ir D.N. (David) Reinhoudt, Prof. Dr ir W.P.M. (Wim) van Swaaij, Prof. Dr ir P. (Piet) Bergveld, Prof. Dr A. (Andries) Hoogerwerf, Prof. Dr ir P.J. (Pieter) Zandbergen († 2018) , Prof. Dr ir L. (Leen) van Wijngaarden.

Fellows of the jonge akademie (dja)

Alumni (former members) of the Jonge Akademie are:

Prof. Dr ir A. (Alexander) Brinkman, Prof. Dr A. (Ariana) Need, Prof. Dr ir W.G. (Wilfred) van der Wiel, Prof. Dr ir J.W.M. (Hans) Hilgenkamp, Prof. Dr S.J.M.H. (Suzanne) Hulscher, Prof. Dr L. (Kobus) Kuipers, Prof. Dr J.L. (Jennifer) Herek, Prof. Dr J.H. (Juliette) Walma van der Molen, Prof. Dr ir P.P.C.C. (Peter-Paul) Verbeek, Prof. Dr N.H. (Nathalie) Katsonis.