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Together against corona
Resilient World

The corona crisis affects us all. Researchers, staff, students and partners of the UT share their knowledge to combat the crisis from multiple angles. University of Twente has launched initiatives and research that concern COVID-19.

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Campus Talks
Resilient World

From May 2020 every two weeks live on YouTube: Campus Talks. An online talk show about projects that have a great impact on society. The first editions are about the Corona crisis. Many researchers and students are working with man and power to combat this crisis and we show how this is happening.

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Needle-free injections with the ‘Bubble Gun’
Health Tech

In Star Trek, Doctors Phlox and McCoy used ‘hypospray’ to vaccinate a fellow space traveller: instead of a needle, the vaccination was performed with a jet of liquid. UT scientist David Fernandez Rivas wants to turn this fictional device into reality. Under the project name Bubble Gun, he is developing a pen-sized, needle-free injection device. 

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Revolutionary separation techniques
Intelligent manufacturing

UT researcher Boelo Schuur works closely with industry on green solutions for separation processes. "Almost everything we see around us today is still made from oil. We need to change that. We will need to derive our raw materials directly from nature, without having to wait millions of years for them to become fossils. That’s an essential part of making our economy more sustainable."

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New fluids for 3d printing
Smart Materials

Professor Detlef Lohse was involved in the introduction of ‘in-air microfluidics’, a new technology for printing structures with live cells. ‘With in-air microfluidics we allow microdroplets to merge in the air. As a result, we get printable, viable micro building blocks very quickly. We can use these, for example, to repair damaged tissue. These are revolutionary developments in printing technology. 

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Making the world a safer, healthier, and more sustainable place, Twente has a perfect ecosystem for pioneers devising smart solutions to society’s greatest challenges. Twente is also ‘the good work-life region’, an attractive area that combines an entrepreneurial work ethic with pleasant living.

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