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Shaping2030 - our story

#001 - The story of Thom's muddy running shoes is a story of Peter's discussion technology

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Together against corona
Resilient World

The corona crisis affects us all. Researchers, staff, students and partners of the UT share their knowledge to combat the crisis from multiple angles. University of Twente has launched initiatives and research that concern COVID-19.

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UT alumni in the podcast I AM A PRO
Resilient World

51.000 inspiring alumni of the University of Twente (UT) live all over the world. That is the alumni network of the University of Twente. All of these former students are working on high-impact projects at fascinating organisations. You can listen to their stories about the impact their studies and other decisions influenced their careers.

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Needle-free injections with the ‘Bubble Gun’
Health Tech

In Star Trek, Doctors Phlox and McCoy used ‘hypospray’ to vaccinate a fellow space traveller: instead of a needle, the vaccination was performed with a jet of liquid. UT scientist David Fernandez Rivas wants to turn this fictional device into reality. Under the project name Bubble Gun, he is developing a pen-sized, needle-free injection device. 

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Making the world a safer, healthier, and more sustainable place, Twente has a perfect ecosystem for pioneers devising smart solutions to society’s greatest challenges. Twente is also ‘the good work-life region’, an attractive area that combines an entrepreneurial work ethic with pleasant living.

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