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Master Philosophy of Science, Technology & Society

The two-year international Master’s programme in Philosophy of Science, Technology and Society is for anyone who is interested in philosophy and the role of technology in a broader social context. The PSTS programme is designed for students with technical, philosophical and social science backgrounds. You can start in September.

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Philosophy and technology 

Are you interested in learning how to critically analyse and assess the impact of scientific and technological developments on society? Then our Master’s programme in Philosophy of Science, Technology and Society (PSTS) may be just the programme for you.

Focus and disciplines

PSTS is characterized by its empirical orientation. Rather than focusing only on philosophical tradition or aiming to understand technology in general, we analyse specific technologies and their impact on society. Questions you will explore in this Master’s programme include:

  • How are information and communication technologies affecting our privacy?
  • Can we anticipate the future implications of nanotechnology for society?
  • Are there ethical limits to the genetic modification of animals and human beings?
  • How do new technologies change our behaviour and our perceptions of the world? 

Why study PSTS in Twente?

The combination of philosophy and technology is the hallmark of our PSTS programme. This makes it an ideal choice for students of philosophy and the social sciences as well as for students with a technical background. PSTS also has a strong international orientation: many of our lecturers are from abroad and the programme attracts students from all over the world. The programme also offers two double degree posibilities within the University of Twente. 

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External assessment panel: PSTS offers unique and challenging programme

In 2017, the MSc programme Philosophy of Science, Technology and Society was assessed by an external panel reviewing the quality of all philosophy programmes in the Netherlands. The panel concluded that the PSTS programme satisfies all quality standards, and was particularly enthusiastic about its profile. According to the panel, PSTS offers a “challenging”, “unique” and “internationally renowned” programme in the philosophy of technology. It appreciated the multidisciplinary approach of the programme, combining traditional philosophical and empirical approaches and methods. It also praised the quality and international diversity of the teaching staff, as well as the facilities of the University of Twente. The panel concluded that the unique profile of Philosophy of Science, Technology and Society is a welcome addition to the diverse landscape of master’s programmes in philosophy, in the Netherlands and beyond.

Programme overview

Master’s degree in Philosophy of Science, Technology and Society
Certification: MSc
CROHO code
Behavioural Management and Social sciences
2 years
Full-time / part-time
English taught
Starting date
1 September 2020
1 September 2021
1 September 2022
Numerus fixus
Does not apply for the programme

Career prospects

As a PSTS graduate you will be equipped with comprehensive knowledge of current technological developments and the skills to philosophically and methodically reflect on the underlying technologies. Our graduates find employment in the academic world, R&D, consultancy, policy organizations and commercial companies. Many opt for a career in research, going on to pursue a PhD. More information about career prospects is available here.

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