Doctoral Degree connected to Industry

Our PhDs and PDEng trainees bring scientific research onto the workfloor.


In order to take advantage of opportunities for collaborating with the industry, it is important that a university builds up - from an international perspective - a distinctive position based on scientific quality. Research investments with a specific industrial interest are therefore in line with the university's scientific strategy.

An industrial doctoral degree place is a PhD, who does research on this interface between applied research and scientific research. Such a PhD is usually employed by the UT.

More information: Leontien Kalverda (Strategic Business Development), tel. +31 53 489 6369.


PDEng trainees (Professional Doctorate in Engineering) attend a two-year post-master's design programme at the University of Twente. The programme is designed together with the industry concerned. There are five different PDEng programmes: Business & IT, Civil Engineering, Energy & Process technology, Maintenance and Robotics.

The programmes combine scientific research with an industrial context, so that the trainees are able to make high-quality innovative designs for the commissioning party in case of complex problems with a multidisciplinary nature. Visit our PDEng webpage for companies for more information.