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Master Environmental & Energy Management


Manage socio-technical change processes in the environmental, energy and water domains.

Do you believe that socio-technical change is needed to make our planet more resilient and sustainable? That such change is required to properly manage the threat of climate change and to protect natural life & resources? Are you eager to gain the knowledge, skills and competencies needed to organise and manage such changes, either locally or internationally? If so, the Master’s in Environmental and Energy Management (MEEM) at the University of Twente is the right choice for you. The programme is offered in Leeuwarden, in the province of Friesland, the Netherlands’ most challenging province with respect to environment, energy and water.

Combine knowledge and action

Today’s grand challenges  – especially climate change, but also resource depletion, urbanisation, ecological and socio-economic stress – call for professionals able to organise, manage and lead socio-technical change. This combined focus, on thinking and doing lies at the heart of the MEEM programme. Its social science-oriented Master’s will provide you with knowledge, skills and competencies in various social science disciplines, such as Management, Public Administration, Governance and Law. This will prepare you to lead and manage socio-technical change processes in the industrial, environmental, energy and water domains.

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Three focal points in sustainable development

The core of this one-year, English-taught programme consists of three interconnected domains of sustainability:

  • Environment
  • Energy
  • Water

The programme teaches the interrelated management & governance of these three crucial domains, with respect to climate change mitigation and adaptation, resilience, energy transition, circular & social entrepreneurship, and achieving (related) sustainable development goals (SDGs). Graduating in one of the three domains will prepare you for working with multidisciplinary teams in business, government, consultancy or (PhD) research anywhere in the world.

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Location Leeuwarden
Did you know the Master Environmental and Energy Management is based in Leeuwarden? It is a lovely city in the north of the Netherlands. 

Five distinguishing features: Environmental and Energy Management (MEEM) 

Different universities offer master’s programmes comparable to the MEEM programme with a focus on Sustainable Development. However, the programme at the University of Twente is unique for five reasons:

  • This programme offers you a sure way of adding knowledge, skills and competencies in the management and governance of socio-technical change to your Bachelor’s degree in science or engineering. The University of Twente’s unique High Tech Human Touch philosophy provides you with the perfect platform for becoming a leader in improving socio-technological systems.
  • The programme offers an integrated set of knowledge (interactive courses), skills (individual and team assignments) and competencies (working on real-life problems and researching your Master’s thesis).
  • The programme will equip you to convert global challenges, such as the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), into manageable local solutions, especially in the areas of climate change, resilience, the energy transition and circular urban and rural economies.
  • The intensity of the programme means you will grow into a sustainability professional in one year (see also admission). It is offered by the university’s Department of Governance and Technology for Sustainability, CSTM, a globally leading knowledge centre with a vibrant worldwide network spanning both the developed and the developing world.
  • The programme is offered in the province of Friesland, the Netherlands’ most challenging province with respect to environment, energy and water. It is located in Leeuwarden, Europe’s Capital of Water Technology as well as its Capital of Culture 2018 – and one of Lonely Planet’s top 3 essential destinations in Europe.

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Programme overview

Master’s degree in Environmental and Energy Management
Certification: MSc
CROHO code
Behavioural Management and Social sciences
1 year
Full-time / part-time
English taught
Starting date
1 September 2022
1 September 2023
Agora 1
8903 JR Leeuwarden
Numerus fixus
Does not apply for the programme
Part-time to be discussed. Please contact us!
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