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Software Technology is a specialization offered by the Master’s programme in Computer Science at the University of Twente. If you are fascinated by the development of high-end software without any restrictions as to the application domain, then this programme is for you. Also have a look at the experiences of Ruxandra, one of our students.

What is software technology?

High-end reliable software development requires a thorough understanding of polished design, programming, and validation skills, and a comprehensive working knowledge of the different phases of software engineering. Aside from these tough requirements, every domain of application has its own special features, languages and techniques.

The Software Technology specialization offers a combination of courses that cover all of the aspects listed above. As a graduate, you will be an expert in state-of-the-art technologies and software engineering phases. You will also have specialist insight in the application domain of your choice. This could be databases, security or cloud computing, for example.

Prof. Marieke Huisman - Full professor

We are making software more efficient. This is an investment that will yield huge dividends. For many organizations, such as hospitals or banks, reliable software is absolutely vital.

Prof. Marieke Huisman - Full professor

In addition to your individual graduation project, you will carry out a team-based project focusing on a real-life industrial problem. Throughout the programme, you will gain theoretical knowledge and practical skills that will make you a real value adder in developing a broad and diverse range of software products and uses.

Software technology at the University of Twente

The Software Technology specialization is closely linked to the Formal Methods & Tools research group, which is part of the UT’s Digital Society Institute. The Digital Society Institute is one of the largest IT research institutes in the Netherlands. The Computer Science research recently received an excellent evaluation for both its quality and relevance.

We apply the UT’s ‘High Tech Human Touch’ approach to designing IT technology for a smarter society. We investigate the design of reliable and secure software systems, with a keen eye for human interaction and social, ethical and business perspectives.

Programme and course descriptions

To help you gain professional experience, the Software Technology specialization offers internship opportunities at high-profile companies. Alternatively, we support research internships at any reputable university worldwide. And of course, you are welcome to conduct your research in our own lab.

Go to the courses overview to find out which courses are offered within the Software Technology specialization of the Computer Science Master's programme.

Industrial advisory board

This Master's programme makes use of the expertise of an Industrial Advisory Board, comprised of representatives from the region's foremost software-intensive high-tech companies, such as Océ, Thales and Nedap. The board offers advice on the relevance of the curriculum, suggests improvements, submits interesting case studies and assignments, and organises guest lectures.

Career opportunities

Software is present in all kinds of application areas nowadays, ranging from computer applications, web services and information systems to the automotive or consumer electronics sector. With a Master’s degree in Computer Science and a specialization in Software Technology you will be able to find employment as a software developer, consultant, security analyst, or verification engineer in a software-intensive company. Another option is to become a researcher at the university or an industrial research centre. You might also follow your entrepreneurial spirit and start a company of your own, bringing your own state-of-the-art software solutions to the market.

Eligibility check

If you have a non-Dutch diploma, we encourage you to take our eligibility check. It will give you an indication of your eligibility for admission to the Master’s programme Computer Science. It will take you about five minutes. Please note that this is not part of the official admission procedure. No rights can be obtained from the outcome of the eligibility check.

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