Top rated Master's programmes

Eight master's programmes were awarded the title 'Top rated programme' in 2018.

To help you choose the right Master's programme, you can consult the Dutch guide 'Keuzegids'. This guide provides a clear and objective overview of all programmes per subject area, including comparative descriptions, quality assessments, and job opportunities. In the guide of March 2018, the University of Twente climbed to the second position in the ranking of all full-time universities in the Netherlands. Eight Master's programmes were awarded the title of 'Top rated programme'.

Our Master's Top rated programmes

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  • Applied Mathematics

    MSc2 yearsFull-timeEnglish3 Specializations
    As an applied mathematician, you occupy a key position in the scientific world. Through mathematical models, you grasp the essence of a problem and see links between seemingly unrelated phenomena.

    3 Specializations

    Mathematical Systems Theory, Applied Analysis and Computational Science

    MSc2 yearsFull-timeEnglish
    This specialization focuses on fundamental and practical aspects of dynamical phenomena and computational and control aspects.

    Mathematics of Data Science

    MSc2 yearsFull-time
    In this specialization you will apply mathematical models and algorithms to analyse data, draw conclusions and make decisions.

    Operations Research

    MSc2 yearsFull-timeEnglish
    Operations Research (OR) is also referred to as Management Science or Business Analytics in business environments.
  • Applied Physics

    MSc2 yearsFull-timeEnglish
    Apply yourself to one of the oldest fields of science: physics. Gain fundamental insights into your own research field while honing your research skills.
  • Chemical Engineering

    MSc2 yearsFull-timeEnglish2 Specializations
    Chemical Engineering encompasses the fields of chemistry, materials science and process engineering. Chemical engineers are also well versed in areas such as fluid dynamics and thermodynamics.

    2 Specializations

    Chemical and Process Engineering

    MSc2 yearsFull-timeEnglish
    The Chemical & Process Engineering (C&PE) specialization focuses on developing processes that function as effectively as possible within their technological, economic and ecological boundaries.

    Molecules and Materials Engineering

    MSc2 yearsFull-timeEnglish
    The Molecular & Materials Engineering specialization focuses on the design, preparation, processing, application and analysis of novel molecules and materials with high-tech properties.
  • Educational Science and Technology

    MSc1 yearFull-timeEnglish
    The Master of Science (MSc) programme in Educational Science and Technology is for anyone fascinated by education and training, yet not intending to become a teacher.
  • Geo-information Science and Earth Observation

    MSc2 yearsFull-timeEnglish8 Specializations
    This programme takes an application-oriented approach to collecting, processing, analyzing and visualizing spatial data. Graduates are at the forefront of one of today’s fastest growing industries.

    8 Specializations

    Applied Remote Sensing for Earth Sciences

    MSc22 monthsFull-time
    Learn to explore for earth and geothermal resources to secure future demands for energy and minerals


    MSc22 monthsFull-timeEnglish
    Learn to develop technologies required for analyzing, distributing and visualizing geo-spatial data.

    Land Administration

    MSc22 monthsFull-timeEnglish
    Learn to use cadastral intelligence for designing and applying responsible land administration solutions.

    Natural Hazards and Disaster Risk Reduction

    MSc22 monthsFull-timeEnglish
    Learn to predict − hence, address − natural hazards and disaster risk using geo-spatial data.

    Natural Resources Management

    MSc22 monthsFull-timeEnglish
    Learn to utilize geo-spatial data to help achieve a more sustainable use of natural resources.

    Tailor-made specialization

    MSc22 monthsFull-timeEnglish
    Design your very own tailor-made specialization

    Urban Planning and Management

    MSc22 monthsFull-timeEnglish
    Learn to understand dynamic urban processes and create interventions to help make cities competitive, compact, sustainable, inclusive and resilient.

    Water Resources and Environmental Management

    MSc22 monthsFull-timeEnglish
    Learn to use earth observation and geo-information techniques to create safe and sustainable water management solutions.
  • Industrial Engineering and Management

    MSc2 yearsFull-timeEnglish3 Specializations
    This 2-year, English-taught Master’s – with tracks in Finance, Healthcare and Production/Logistics – will equip you to design, manage and optimize processes in complex, globally active organizations.

    3 Specializations

    Financial Engineering and Management

    MSc2 yearsFull-timeEnglish
    Expanding markets and the increasing complexity and variety of financial products have generated a growing demand for skilled professionals to create, price and hedge complex derivatives.

    Healthcare Technology and Management

    MSc2 yearsFull-timeEnglish
    Healthcare Technology & Management highlights the role of management in healthcare. It centres on two main themes: entrepreneurship in technological innovation and healthcare logistics

    Production and Logistic Management

    MSc2 yearsFull-timeEnglish
    Understanding the impact of customized logistical designs on overall performance is a key area of management in industry and engineering. This is the focus of Production & Logistic Management.
  • Methodology and Statistics for the Behavioural, Biomedical and Social Sciences

    MSc2 yearsFull-timeEnglish
    More and more data are collected since many processes are being monitored. Competent professionals in research methodology and statistics are required who can provide creative solutions given data.
  • Philosophy of Science, Technology and Society

    MSc2 yearsFull-timeEnglish
    Philosophy of Science, Technology and Society is the premier Master's programme for learning how to critically analyse and assess the impact of scientific and technological developments on society.


The master Geo-information Science & Earth Observation receives the quality label for the fourth time: the score is 92 out of 100 points. Applied MathematicsIndustrial Engineering & ManagementPhilosophy of Science & TechnologyEducational Science & Technology en Methodology and Statistics for the Behavioural, Biomedical and Social Sciences. The title 'Top rated programme' is awarded if programmes score 75 points or higher. The scores are based on student opinions from the National Student Survey, expert opinions and figures on dropouts and contact hours.

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