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Start your application for a master's

You have decided that you want to apply for a MASTER's at the University of Twente? Great!

Applying can be a time-consuming procedure. If necessary Student Services will gladly assist you further. To arrange your enrolment or re-enrolment at an institution of higher education in the Netherlands, you have to start at the website Studielink.

You may be admitted to a (pre-)master's on the condition that you still have to pass. Therefore, please know that you can apply even though you have not yet completed your degree. Check the admission requirements for a specific programme on the site of the master's of your choice.

Choose your application route

There are different types of applications, so please make sure you choose the right route below based on your educational background, nationality and personal situation:

Do I need to apply for a pre-master's?

It is not possible to apply directly for a pre-master's programme. You need to apply for the master's programme of your choice through Studielink. The University of Twente will take your application under consideration and will then proceed to transfer it to a pre-master's programme in case you are not directly eligible for a master's programme.

If some cases, you might receive a rejection of your application, please be aware this rejection is valid for both master's and pre-master's programmes. 

Students currently pursuing a Dutch bachelor's degree, can apply for a transfer minor via the ‘Kies Op Maat’ website.

When can you start with your application?

You can apply from 1 October for the upcoming September intake and from 1 March for the upcoming February intake.

Deferral of your application

If you wish to defer your application to the next intake moment or your application was cancelled because you missed a deadline, you can always apply for the next intake moment. Please take the following steps:

  • Steps to defer your application
    • Step 1 | Login to your Studielink account

      First, you need to login to your Studielink account.

    • Step 2 | Withdraw your current application

      In Studielink, you can withdraw your current (pre-)master's application. 

    • Step 3 | Register for the next intake moment via Studielink

      Create a new registration for the next intake moment via Studielink, for the master's programme of your choice. 

      When can you start with your application?
      From 1 October onwards for the upcoming September intake.
      From 1 March onwards for the upcoming February intake.

      Check the website of the master's of your choice whether the pre-master’s or master's specialisation starts in September and/or in February. For some (pre-)master's, and also for specialisations within the master's, are not offered in the February intake.

    • Step 4 | Upload all required documents in the OSIRIS application portal

      After your registration in Studielink, you will receive an e-mail with login credentials for the OSIRIS application where you can upload documents to complete your application.

    • Step 5 | Submit your new application via OSIRIS before the application deadline

      Submit your new application via OSIRIS before the application deadline.

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