My first 100 days at UT


Welcome to our University. Glad to have you on board

We hope you are finding your way in your new position at UT. The first days at the UT you will receive a lot of information. We summed up a few practical things to arrange during your first days at UT. We also listed some links to information that might be useful like our introduction meeting, some Facts and Figures and our sports centre. Information that matters and helps you get started at UT.

To do onboarding


Below is an overview of information for during your first days and weeks.

  • First day
    • Computer and phone

      Please contact your manager before ordering. In general, employees can order devices themselves using This portal also provides information about your current devices and the costs you would have to pay if you leave the UT and want to keep your devices. 

    • Employee Card

      Please pick up your employee card at the Campus Security Desk in De Spiegel. For details, see the separate item about the employee card. 

      Use your employee card to get free coffee at the employee coffee machines in all buildings. Or try the Starbucks at the O&O square (paid)!

    • Equipment for home office

      For most employees it's important to have an ergonomic workspace at home. Please check if you need to order anything to complete your home office workplace and use to order a chair, a footrest, screen, microphone for lectures, etc. Please contact your manager first for permission.

      A combination of physical and digital collaboration is our new way of working. On our 'Hybrid Working page' we give you concrete tools, relevant workshops, tips and tricks to put hybrid working into practice.

    • ICT account

      Upon entering your employment an account and e-mail address will be created for you automatically. Use your e-mail address as your login name. With your e-mail address you have access to ICT facilities.

      Useful Links:
           Contactinformation Service Desk ICT
           Information about printing
           Wifi information

    • Internal personal information ( - AFAS

      The UT uses AFAS ( as HR self-service system. This is a platform where you can manage your personal HR affairs such as submitting a leave request, report sick leave or change your address. Via the employee portal or via you can login to MyHR (Afas online). Use your UT email address and password.

      Please note: UT uses Multi Factor Authentication (MFA). Go to to find more information. If you have logged in to a different application using MFA earlier in the day, this extra authentication step is not required for MyHR. More information you can find on

      Please keep your personal details here up to date. As a new employee, please check and complete at least the following sections:
           My File > Personal details > Emergency contact details.
           My File > My Contract > Workplace information.
           My File > My Contract > Timetable/working pattern.
           Commuting and home working > Fill in the correct information on the following screen: commuting expenses / working from home.
           My File > My Contract > Institutes
      If you work for an Institute, please activate one or more Institutes via 'My UT Institute labels’. You will be invited to events organized by your institute and you will receive relevant news from your institute

      Your payslips on your mobile and much more! 
      Download the AFAS Pocket app.
      Note: use the key: ESFM8H to receive an activation code by email. You can only log in with your personal e-mail address! 

    • Map of the University of Twente

      Take a good look at the map so you know your way around. 

      For contact information, please visit

    • Way of working at UT

      At the University of Twente, we have an ambitious mission in which we, as a technical university, put people first. We believe in this and set clear priorities in education, research and innovation based on the question: How can we contribute to the development of a fair, sustainable and digital society between now and 2030?

      To have a maximum impact on society, we need to become an entrepreneurial, inclusive and open ecosystem with a distinctive style of working. To help you understand our joint strategy, agreements and working methods, we have collected information for you to get acquainted with our way of working at UT.

  • First week
    • Barrier passes for the UT Campus

      Barrier passes are, in principle, only for UT staff with a car that is registered under their own name and address, with
      a postcode on the campus or the area to the north of the campus. More information is available on the Service Portal page Barrier Pass

    • Building access

      You can access your building with your employee card if your workplace info is filled in at > my workspace. 

      Pay attention! Each building opens and closes at specific times each day, so you’ll need to register your card if you want to get in or out of those buildings outside those hours!

    • Cybersafety

      As an employee, you want to work safely online and value your data and privacy and that of others. Go to the cyber security website to see what has been arranged by the UT and what you can do yourself. You will find information about relevant legislation and the UT policy, explanations about security incidents and how to report them and tips to protect yourself.

      We will soon invite you to take basic training on Privacy and Information Security which you will find on your cyber security education platform. There are even more engaging workouts on this platform.

      From March 24, we will commence training sessions focused on privacy and security awareness. These trainings are mandatory and crucial to enhance the information security of the University of Twente and safeguard our sensitive information and data. We expect every employee to participate in these sessions.

    • Service Portal

      The News and events portal is where you can find all internal communications and events. On the basis of your profile information, you will automatically receive all messages in the portal that are relevant to you (news for UT as well as all news for your unit). In addition, you can subscribe to news and events on the basis of the subject, the building, the sender or the target group. Go to your personal settings (click on your profile picture) and subscribe so you will always be informed about the subjects you prefer.
      If you have messages you would like to share? The editorial department can be reached by sending an email to:
      Read more about it on the Submit news and events page

    • Expedition Education (starting teachers)

      This online course is meant to help you get started with your new job in education, at the University of Twente. At the end of this course, you will know your way around the world of teaching at the University of Twente. We offer 8 short modules (30 minutes) on several topics regarding teaching at the University of Twente like the UT vision on education, designing a course or setting up the assessment.

      See more info on;

    • Introduction for new employees

      Introductory meetings for new employees are held on a regular basis.
      Each new employee sees in AFAS in the task list an invitation for the next meeting after commencement of employment. We recommend attending this meeting,as this will help to get settled in quickly.
      Some of the topics that will be addressed during the meeting are:
           - The mission, vision and strategy of the UT
           - The UT as an organization and as an employer
      More information is available on Introduction Meeting page. 

      Introduction for teachers
      Are you a teacher or coordinator looking for direct support with your education or do you want to work on your own professionalization? Contact our colleagues from Centre of Expertise in Learning and Teaching (CELT).

    • List of UT abbreviations

      The UT uses many abbreviations. A list of abbreviations has been created to help out: Abreviation-list.

    • Receive a list of suggested courses, tailor-made to your learning needs!

      The GoodScan from GoodHabitz helps you find out how you can grow your potential. Plus, it recommends courses that would make a great fit for you. Good luck, and have fun!

    • Work pattern

      Changes to your work pattern? You can also arrange this yourself via MyHR/Afas. It is important to fill in the working pattern to ensure that your leave hours are calculated correctly. You can adjust your work pattern via MyHR/Afas "change working pattern".

      Read more about; Scope of employment, working hours and days

    • Your public profile (

      Every employee has a public profile on (Dutch version on Part of your profile is set up automatically, but you need to fill in some addition details: 
           Activate your profile picture
           Fill in job title
           Additional phone numbers: secretary's phone or your mobile phone number
           Activate the working days overview
           Optional: other fields like about me (biography/CV), research introduction, social media profiles of research profiles like Google Scholar, etc.

      Optional: grant your secretary rights for your profile (authorisation tab)

      Login: use the menu on the left to acces 'my profile'. For documentation and more info see

  • First month
    • Ancillary activities

      Ancillary activities are looked upon favourably at the UT. Permission is, however, required. Registration of the ancillary activities and permission is via MyHR/Afas, personal details, “ancillary activities”. 
      Additional information is available at the Service Portal page; Ancillary-activities

    • Code of Conduct Confidential advisors

      The UT has a Code of Conduct for employees, which includes an ICT Code of Conduct. 

      The confidential advisor advises and supports individual staff members who are confronted with unacceptable behaviour like intimidation, (sexual) harassment, aggression, violence, discrimination, bullying or stalking. UT staff can also approach the confidential advisor in case of a workplace conflict related to or arising from unacceptable behaviour. You can find a full overview of the support contacts on the integrity topic page.

    • Health insurance MENZIS

      As from 2023, the collective scheme discount on the basic insurance in the Netherlands will be abolished. But you will still get 15% discount on supplementary insurance. (Only as an employee of UT) you can also avail yourself of three additional physiotherapy sessions on top of the supplementary insurance.

    • Working from home allowance and commuting allowance

      In order to get the right working from home allowance and commuting costs, it is important that you fill in the correct details of your homework pattern and the choice of whether you use public transport or another means of transport for your commute. Enter the correct information in MyHR at commuting expenses/working from home. 

      For business travel arrangements check out the information from the UT travel unit.

    • Personal development and wellbeing

      The UT strongly believes in recruiting, developing and challenging talented employees. A wide range of courses, training and coaching is designed specifically for scientists and support staff.

      Also view our (external) training offer at GoodHabitz.
      For example, test whether your English is up to standard! Or find out which team role will allow you to shine?

      At the University of Twente, we value the well-being of our staff and students and strive to create a healthy and supportive work environment. We believe that well-being is essential for your personal growth and job satisfaction. That is why we have developed various initiatives, activities and tools specifically for you as UT employee, including the Well-Being Weeks

      On the Well-Being for Employees website, you can find an overview of various initiatives to promote your physical and mental well-being. Additionally, on this website you can find a list of contact persons. If you would like to stay informed about well-being at UT, please subscribe to the Well-Being Weeks newsletter. If you have any questions or a good idea about well-being at UT, feel free to contact 

    • Salary and collective closingdays

      Your salary will be paid around the 24th day of the month. The university has a number of collective closing days, these are called ‘brugdagen’ (collective closing days). On these days all staff are required to take a day off. An overview of the salary payments and collective closing days can be found on the HR Service Portal, under ‘Terms of employment'

      See also Scope of employment working hours and days.

    • Sports centre UT

      The University of Twente has welcomed and embraced a diversity of sports over the years. As a result, we currently have almost forty different sports clubs! From wall climbing to survival, from soccer to water polo, there is a variety of different sports to choose from. As a member of a sports club or as an individual athlete you can make use of the many sports fields located on Campus. 
      For individual sporters we have a fitness centre with a lot of options and an indoor and outdoor swimming pool. We have a variety of grouplessons and courses. 

    • Vrijhof Culture

      Discovering and developing your creativity while studying or working? You can! Are you a student or employee and in possession of a Union Card or Campus Card? Then you can participate in the carefully and interestingly composed range of cultural courses. From painting, photography and welding to cooking or oriental dance, everything is possible. Each quarter cultural courses are offered especially for you.

    • WebHare (CMS)

      This website contains documentation about WebHare and is aimed at UT staff who are just get started.

      Besides the features in WebHare, we also share best practices, UT policies/standards, Dutch and EU regulations that apply to websites and more. 

    • Suviving dependants act (ANW) shortfall insurances

      Since the decline of the Anw compensation from the ABP survivor’s pension as of 1 May 2018, the UT has entered into an agreement with the insurer elipsLife. The insurance offers extra income for the surviving relative in the event of death. If you wish, you can voluntarily register for this insurance. If you apply for this insurance within one month of starting your employment or within one month after entering into a partner relationship, you will be accepted without medical conditions. For more information about the coverage and the premium, go to UT website under “insurances” or to the website of for the extensive brochure. 

  • First quarter
    • ABP value transfer

      As a UT employee you participate in a pension scheme with the ABP. You can find all your current ABP pension information at

      Please note: If this is your first position with an employer affiliated to the ABP, there is a period of 6 months in which you need to make some choices: If you live together with your partner, you can also register your partner; pension rights accrued in other pension schemes can be transferred to ABP; supplementary pension scheme. You can contact the ABP customer service for questions about your pension situation. The UT also offers the opportunity to consult a pension adviser during an ABP consultation hour at the UT.

    • Ambassadorship on social media

      At the University of Twente, we believe employees are great ambassadors. We encourage you to become an (online) ambassador and share your experiences at the UT. By sharing your expertise and experiences, you can not only enhance the visibility of our university, but also work on your social network. Do you want to learn more about ambassadorship on social media? Visit or sign up for our online ambassador tool; UT-Share.

      Inform your network about your new job!
      Use one of our UT LinkedIn banners to update your LinkedIn profile.

    • Company review

      Help other job seekers and share your experience on LinkedIn, Indeed or Glassdoor

    • Housing

      The University of Twente offers all staff members, PhD researchers and guests who need an entry visa and/or residence permit timely, appropriate and affordable furnished housing via housingportal Roomspot.
      In case you are looking for a house or appartment instead of a room, for example because you wish to relocate together with your family, we advise you to broaden your search to other alternative accommodation. The University of Twente doesn't offer housing services for one's family.

    • Illness

      If you are unable to work due to illness or an accident, you are entitled to (partial) continued payment of your salary. To be eligible for this arrangement, you are expected to meet a number of conditions. These have been set out in the procedure for reporting absence. Both you and your manager play an important role in making sure that you get healthy again and are able to return to the work process quickly.
      Always report absence to you manager before 9:00 hrs and in the AFAS pocket app! 

      Note: use the key: ESFM8H to receive an activation code by email. You can only log in with your personal e-mail address! 

    • Leave

      You can apply for leave via MyHR/Afas, under “leave portal” or via the Afas Pocket app. Here, you can see exactly how many hours of leave you have left. Your supervisor then approves / decreases the leave. You can make various leave requests such as regular leave, special leave, birth and parental leave.
      Do you work parttime? A correct working pattern is important in order to calculate your entitlement to hours of leave. Via MyHR/Afas “change working pattern” you can change your working pattern. More information is avaible on the Service Portal page; 'Leave Types & Leave Regulations

    • University Library

      The University Library's digital collection is accessible anytime and anywhere online through FindUT and its databases. In addition, you can request books and articles from UT's physical collection, as well as from other libraries in the Netherlands and abroad.

      As a library, we support data research, Open Science, Research Data Management, Copyright and online publishing, among others. Check our website for more information, contact the information specialist within your faculty, and be welcome to the Learning Center in the Vrijhof.

      Library account and card
      As a new staff member you automatically receive a library account with your employee card. Via your account on FindUT you can manage your borrower information and book reservations.

    • UT Kring staff association

      Do not forget to register with the UT Kring staff association, for fun trips and discounts such as sea fishing, Dutch design week, Christmas market visit and Turkish cooking workshops.

    • Income insurance in the event of incapacity for work

      In addition to the statutory insurance under the laws on Work and Income in Accordance with Capacity for Work (WIA) and the Incapacity for Work Pension (AAOP), the UT has taken out an insurance policy with Loyalis for all its employees against the loss of income due to partial incapacity for work (IPAP). The premium for this is paid for you entirely from Employment Funds. This has been achieved in collaboration with the OPUT (trade unions). In the event that an employee becomes partially incapacitated for work, the IPAP will provide an income of 70% of your last earned salary. For full incapacity for work, the university has taken out a framework contract with Loyalis. Within six months after commencing employment by the university, you can take out an insurance against loss of income in the event of full incapacity for work, without medical selection and at a reduced premium. For additional information on cover, premium and registration, see Select as employer: Universiteit Twente. 

    • Optional model for employment conditions

      Employees of the UT can make use of the optional model for employment conditions. Via the optional model you can exchange certain employment conditions for other employment conditions. In this way, you create your own package of employment conditions that matches your wishes and personal situation. The Optional Model for Employment Conditions can be found in MyHR/Afas, under “Optional Model for Employment Conditions”. 
      You can choose your targets throughout each calender year, you do not need to choose all your targets at once. 

Join the introduction meeting.
Sign up
The University of Twente regularly organises introductory meetings for new employees. Please join us and meet your colleagues.

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