Starting Monday 30 November it is possible to make a reservation for the indoor pool again! 
Please be aware, it is only possible for students and employees of the University of Twente to make a reservation. 

There are some restrictions for the free swimming moments due to the Corona crisis. It's necessary to make a reservation for the pool, this can be done at specific timeslots. Also we have a maximum of participants. Below you can find all the info. 

  • Information for swimming

    At this moment, it is only possible for students and employees of the UT to make a reservation for the indoorpool! 

    We have a maximum of 12 participants (6 spots for man and 6 spots for woman) during a timeslot. We have divided the available spots between man and woman, because we only have room for 12 people in the pool and only 6 spots available in a dressingroom.

    To use our dressingroom, use one of the nametags available and write your name on it. Hang the nametag on a free spot at the dressingroom. 

    Also we ask you to take the following in account for all our customers:

    • It's only possible to make an individual reservation. 
    • You can only swim 45 minutes a day! It's not allowed to make more then one reservation! 
    • It is not possible to use our showers! The dressingrooms are available, please use one of the marked spots. 
    • It's not possible to buy day tickets, this means you can't bring a guest.
    • You'll need an active UnionCard or CampusCard employee
    • No reservation means no acces to the pool. 
    • You can make a reservation for a specific timeslot, a timeslot has a maximum duration of 45 minutes. 
  • Reservation

    You can make a reservation through
    Please be aware, a timeslot becomes visible 3 hours prior to the timeslot. 
    Please follow the following steps

    1. Go to 'Bookings' and select 'Room'

    2. There are some options to select for 'Indoorswim'. Please select only the option of your gender! 

    3. Select the timeslot you want to make a reservation for and bring your confirmation mail to the pool. 

  • Timeslots

    Students and employees


    12:00- 14:00h


    12:00- 14:00h
    16:00- 18:00h


    12:00- 14:00h


    12:00- 14:00h
    16:00- 18:00h    


    12:00- 14:00h

  • Sportsprotocol

    Sports protocol

    We have set up a sports protocol which you need to abide by if you are using one of our accommodations. 
    At every sport location there will be Sports Centre employees who will make sure you can sport safely!