Indoor swimming pool


In the winter you can use the indoor swimming pool at the Sports Centre. This pool has a water temperature of 28 degrees and is perfect for training sessions and free swimming.

The indoor pool is open from Monday 18 September 2017 to Sunday 13 May 2018.

The indoor swimming pool is free for UnionCard (student) and CampusCard (employees) holders. For students with a UnionCard this facility is activated by default on the student card. UT employees with a CampusCard (Employees) need to activate there card first, this can be done by logging in at the following website After you are logged in, go to offers and select the membership CampusCard Employee 17-18 for 0,00 euro. When you are done you can use the indoor swimming pool for free.

UT affiliated person may obtain a CampusCard 2017-2018 and the swimming supplement through the Service Desk in the Sports Centre. External person cannot use the pools at the UT campus.

More information about the Campus Card prices are displayed on

Opening hours for the indoor pool, for free swimming are:


11:45 am   to  14:00 pm


11:45 am   to  14:00 pm    
16:00 pm   to  18:00 pm


11:45 am   to  14:00 pm


11:45 am   to  14:00 pm    
16:00 pm   to  18:00 pm


11:45 am   to  14:00 pm

Saturday *

16:00 pm   to  18:00 pm

Sunday *

14:00 pm   to  17:00 pm

* The following data the indoor pool is closed, in connection with Diploma Swimming/UT Swim School:  30 September, 28 October, 25 November, 16 December 2017 and 27 January, 24 February, 31 March, 26 May, 23/24 June and 14/15 July 2018.

House Rules Indoor swimming pool Sports Centre UT

  •          The Union Card and Campus Card Holders (Employee) have free use of the indoor pool.
  •          The Campus Card holder (UT affiliated) can use the indoor pool, after purchasing an additional swimming supplement (year or          month).
  •          The cardholder may introduce two people
  •          The cardholder buys a day ticket introducee (€ 4) online or at the service desk at the Sports Centre. WARNING: the introducee          day ticket is valid for 1 day after purchase.
  •          When you buy the day ticket introducee to the Service, you can buy the card at date !!
  •          The cardholder is obliged to remain present as long as the guest staying in the facility. 

(Cardholder = UnionCard or CampusCard holder)