Printers (Xerox) in UT buildings

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To use the UT printers, you must register your student or employee card first. After scanning it on the printer (not the payment terminal some printers have), a sheet with instructions will be printed. Overview of features:

Students and employees


From personal device
From employee workstation (employees only)
E-mail attachment
Print from OneDrive


Copy documents


Scan to email
Scan to OneDrive
Scan to home drive M (employees only)

Third parties cannot use the MFPs on campus.


UT students do not have to pay for printing or copying. Instead, there is a fair use policy. Currently, the limit for students is 500 prints per year per student. This limit will be evaluated in the Summer of 2024. Based on this evaluation, the limit might be adjusted for the academic year 2024-2025. 

Please note: it is not possible to buy additional credits. See the costs section below for details of printing costs. 

  • Costs for printing/copying - in printing units



















Report printer malfunctioning


Using the printer 

When using the printer for the first time, scan your student or employee card at the printer. The printer will send you an email with instructions. Use the link in the email to register your card. You can now print documents. See the manual section below for details. 

New paper 

The secretary desk of de faculty or service that owns the printer, is responsible for restocking paper. Secretary desks can order paper from the CFM service desk. The CFM service desk will order the paper and deliver it to the secretary desk. 

Requesting a new printer 

The request for an additional printer has to be approved by the Director of the faculty or service. You can make a request by contacting the Servicedesk ICT.  


Employees can make an unlimited number of prints or copies. Students can make a maximum of 500 prints or copies a year. Once this limit is reached, students can use the services of the Xerox copy shops.

Xerox copy shop locations

Xerox copy shops in UT buildings offer advanced printing services. Not all products / services are available on all locations. 

Carré building (at hal B entrance) 
(053) 489 24 85 

Drienerlolaan 5 
(053) 489 4215 


To register your student or employee card for the first time (or replace a lost/stolen card), scan your card at the printer and enter your UT email address on the display. You will receive an e-mail with a link to confirm the registration. The link is valid for 20 minutes.


These manuals use a consistent style of writing: references to text and buttons on screens are printed in italics, information that you have to enter yourself is printed in bold.

You will need the following:

  • An established internet connection.
  • An ICT-account. This is your UT email address with associated password.
  • An activated employee- or student card. See the paragraph above for one-time card registration.


  • Printing from your employee workstation (Windows)

    The printer is already installed on UT workstations (notebook or desktop with Windows). When printing your document, select the 'Follow me' printer from the list of available printers.

  • Printing from your own Windows PC/notebook


    Step 1: Making connection

    • Press the Windows key + R, type \\ and click OK.
    • Doubleclick Follow-Me and the printer will begin installation.

    Step 2: Log in

    A new screen Windows Security appears.

    • At username, type your UT e-mail address
    • Enter your password.
    • Click OK.

    Step 3: Download driver

    The printer is now being installed. This could take a few minutes. As soon as the next window appears, installation is complete. You can close this window.

    Step 4: Printing

    Select printer Follow-Me on for printing on the Xerox MFPs.


  • Printing from a Mac (UT managed)

    Open the Self Service application.


    Browse to Printers and click on the Install Xerox C8135 (follow-me) printer.

    Click (re)install to start the setup.


    When printing for the first time on the Follow-Me printer, your UT account is required.

    • Enter your UT email address next to Name.
    • Enter your password next to Password.
    • Check Remember this password in my keychain.
    • Click OK.


  • Printing from a Mac (unmanaged)

    These instructions were written for Mac OS 12.7 or higher. The steps for earlier editions of Mac OS are virtually identical, but the illustrations could differ slightly. Make sure no Follow-Me printer is already installed.


    Step 1: Drivers

    • Download the drivers here (select your operating system from the list).
    • Install the drivers following the wizard.
    • When at step Select Printer, click Continue.
    • Click Continue in the top of the screen.
    • Finish and close the wizard.

    Step 2: Print and scan

    • Open System Preferences.
    • Click Printers & Scanners.

    Step 3: Add printer

    • Click the + sign.
    • Click Add Printer or Scanner…

    Step 4: Toolbar customization

    • Right-click the toolbar.
    • Click Customize Toolbar.

    Step 5: Advanced

    • Drag Advanced to the toolbar.
    • Click Done.

    Step 6: Internet printing protocol (https)

    • Click Advanced.
    • Next to Type select Internet Printing Protocol (https).
    • Next to Device select Another device.
    • Next to URL enter:
    • Next to Name enter: Follow-Me.
    • Next to Location enter: UT.
    • Next to Use click Select Software.
    • Select Xerox Altalink C8135.
    • Click Add.

    Step 7: Finisher

    Click OK.

    When printing for the first time on the Follow-Me printer, your credentials are required.

    • Next to Name enter your UT email address.
    • Next to Password enter your password.
    • Check Remember this password in my keychain.
    • Click OK.

  • Printing from a Mac after changing your password

    This manual describes how to set up the follow-me printer after you have changed your password.


    • (Optional) If you see a bouncing printer icon on your taskbar, click on it to open the printer screen. You will most likely see a message saying: “Hold for authentication” make sure to delete the prints that are waiting in queue for you here by clicking the cross icon in the end of the row. If there are no prints waiting here you can skip this step.
    • Press CMD + Space (or click the magnifying glass in the top right of your screen) and type Keychain (the box will automatically fill in the rest of the word keychain when you start typing. In Dutch this option is labelled “sleutelhanger toegang”. Press Enter to confirm.
    • Make sure to select “All items” in the keychain window.
    • Search the list for the option Follow-me (blue icon) in the category ‘Network password’.
    • Right mouse click or CTRL + click this entry and select: Delete “Printservice”, confirm this action by clicking Delete.


  • Printing from Linux


    Step 1: Open printer settings

    • Go to the Dash.
    • Enter Printers.
    • Click Printers.

    Step 2: Add new printer

    • Click Add.


    Step 3: Authentication

    • Under Devices > Network Printer select Windows Printer via Samba.
    • At smb:// enter
    • Select Set authentication details now.
    • At Username: enter your UT e-mail address.
    • At Password enter your corresponding ICT account password.
    • Click Forward.


    Step 4: Choose driver

    • Select Provide PPD file.
    • Click the folder icon next to (None).


    Step 5: Select .ppd file

    • Download the PPD here.
    • Browse to the location where you have stored the .PPD file
    • Select the file.
    • Click Open.


    Step 6: Choose driver

    • Click Forward.


    Step 7: Installable options

    • Set Input Trays to 5 Trays.
    • Check Job Storage.
    • Click Forward.


    Step 8: Describe printer

    • At Printer Name enter Follow-Me.
    • At Description enter Follow-Me.
    • Click Apply.


    Step 9: Properties

    • Right-click the Follow-Me printer icon.
    • Click Properties.

    Step 10: Printer options

    • Select Printer Options.
    • Set Paper Size to A4.
    • Set Input Slot to Tray 3.
    • Set 2-sided print to 2-sided Print, Flip on Long Edge.
    • Click OK.


    You are now ready to print.


  • Printing an email attachment

    You can print all popular document formats, including Microsoft Office and PDF by sending an email with a document attached to


  • Scan to / print from OneDrive
    • On the printer, select Connect for Microsoft OneDrive. 
    • Sign in with your UT OneDrive credentials. 
    • Choose whether you want to print or scan document(s). 
    • Browse your OneDrive storage to select a document to print (Office, jpg, tif, png, pdf file format), or to save a scan.
    • Select OK to start the job. 


  • How long will my pending document be stored?

    The printer will be rebooted every morning around 6:00. This process erases all pending documents.

  • My files have disappeared from the queue, but they were not printed.

    You have probably selected the wrong paper size for the document you wanted to print. Check whether this is causing the problem: Whenever possible, use A4 or A3 size. Try to avoid the Legal or Letter options. You can do so using the print menu of the file you wish to print. 

    • Click the “Follow Print” button.
    • Select the right document.
    • Click the Info button on the screen.
  • What can I do to make my printing more environmentally friendly?

    In the print menu, select the option to print multiple pages on a single piece of paper and make sure to always use two-sided printing.

  • The “Scan to home” feature does not work.

    Students do not have a home directory, so they cannot use this feature.

  • I do not have a UT account but I need to print. What can I do?

    You can print in the Xerox Reproshop, located in the Bastille and Carré buildings.


  • What is my print quota for the duration of my education?

    500 printer units. More information about costs and quota, see Costs (above).

  • Can I increase my print quota?


  • How can I see how many pages I have left to print?
    • Log in with your studentnumber (e.g. s1234567) and password at
    • Click on your studentnumber in the topright corner and select Profile.
    • At Print Quota you can see the remaining pages.
  • The printer displays the error message “deleted due to insufficient quota,....”

    This error is displayed when your quota is insufficient to print the file in question.

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