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At University of Twente we use the HR and payroll system MyHR (AFAS). This is a platform where you can manage your personal details regarding your job, such as submitting a leave request or report sick leave. On this webpage we outline the most important aspects to know your way around, for example: an instruction animation, faq, background information project and where to go for contact & support

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Instruction video

Watch the instruction video below and find out the most important aspects of MyHR (AFAS) briefly so that you will know your way around.   

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Here you will find answers to the frequently asked questions that we have been receiving during the implementation. 


  • General and support
    • How do I login?

      Login to MyHR (AFAS Online) via the employee portal or via Use your UT email address and password. Please note: we use Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). Go to to find out more. (If you logged in to a different application using MFA earlier in the day, this extra authentication step is not required for MyHR.)

    • Who should I ask if I have questions?

      In order to provide support to everyone at the University, key users have been appointed for the faculties and services. Key users are your first stop for any questions, problems or feedback. The key users are listed in the table below. In addition, you can go the MyHR homepage and send your question via 'Ask HR'.


      Key user


      Marleen Blijleven

      Liset Werkman


      Elvira Dijkhuis

      Odette Scholten


      Rita Schoonbeek

      Thomas ter Pelle


      Karen de Vos


      Lidy Harryvan

      Debby Koelle


      Harriëtte Kamphuis

      Mandy Lokken

      Christine Maas

      HR Central

      Babet Jansen

      Julia Pool

    • Where can I find information about HR regulations?

      Information about the project Shaping HR/AFAS can be found on our website ( For information about HR regulations, please visit the HR website (

    • I have a question about authorisation. Who should I contact?

      If you have questions about authorisation, it's best to contact the key user of your faculty/service.

  • AFAS Pocket app
    • How do I download the AFAS Pocket app?

      You can download the AFAS Pocket app from the Google Play or Apple App Store.

    • How do I login the first time when I open the AFAS Pocket app?

      You can find instructions on the AFAS help website about logging in for the first time. Note: use the key: ESFM8H or the QR code mentioned below to receive an activation code by email.

      If you have any (technical) questions about the app, send an email to and you will be contacted as quickly as possible.

    • Is the app also available in English?

      Yes, you can switch to English in the AFAS Pocket app. Please take the following steps in the menu:

      Step 1: Choose 'Instellingen'

      Step 2: Choose 'Taal'

      Step 3: Menu is set-up in English

    • Which AFAS Pocket app functions will be available as of 4 January 2021?
      • Submitting a leave request
      • Reporting illness or recovery
      • Approval of tasks and identifying signals
    • Which functions will become available in the AFAS Pocket app in the future?

      In the future, more functionalities will be added to the AFAS Pocket app, for example the capability of changing personal details. Information on this topic will be sent out at a later stage.

    • Who should I ask if I have any questions about de AFAS Pocket app?

      If you have any (technical) questions about the app, send an email to and you will be contacted as quickly as possible.

  • Declarations
    • How and where do I submit a declaration?

      MyHR (AFAS) gives you the option of submitting declarations for moving, travel expenses and temporary accommodation via the declarations portal. You can find this portal by going to 'My HR > Expenses'. This portal also gives you the option of declaring suitable work, overtime hours, and hours for on-call staff. Other declarations are filed via Finance and thus not declared via MyHR (AFAS).

    • I submitted a declaration. Where can I find it now?

      Outstanding and approved declarations may be found by going to 'My HR > Expenses'. At the bottom of this page you will find outstanding declarations under 'Open tasks', and processed declarations under 'My claims'.

  • Optional Model for Employment conditions
    • When can I fill in the Optional Model of Employment conditions?

      In the first quarter of 2021 the Optional Model Employment conditions will become accessible in MyHR (AFAS). Further information is to follow.

    • How are the travel expenses for the home-work commute processed in the Optional Model?

      Apart from the implementation of AFAS, we are currently experiencing coronavirus, which means we are working more at home. This means that for the time being it is not possible to process travel expenses in the Optional Model. Campus-wide information will follow as soon as we know more about the situation.

    • Can I change my selection model multiple times in a year?

      Yes, you can. HR will send out further information on this topic in the first quarter of 2021.

  • Resignation
    • How can I submit my resignation?

      You will eventually have the option of submitting your resignation by going to 'My HR > Personal details > Resign your contract'. Please note: the dismissal procedure is more than simply submitting a request. For that reason, you must first make arrangements with your supervisor and the HR for your service or faculty before submitting your resignation.

  • Personal details and personnel file
    • How do I change my personal details?

      You can change your personal details using the button 'MyHR > Personal details > Edit personal details'.

    • Where can I find my personnel dossier and what's in it?

      In the menu under the tab 'MyHR > Personal details' you can find your personnel file. As of January 2021, we will start with clean personnel file in MyHR (AFAS) that will be automatically up-dated from that time on.

  • Salary statement (salary slip) and annual salary statement
    • When can I request my salary slip using the system?

      The first salary slip will become visible around the first payment date: 22 January 2021. You can find payslips and annual salary statements by going to 'My HR > Salary slips'. For more information about salary payments, see: salary payment HR website.

    • How to read my new salary slip?

      Please find below a clarification of the terms that are used on your salary slip:

      Gross salary (dutch: brutoloon)

      This is the amount the employee receives from the employer. This is the salary amount before deduction of the employee’s costs, however. Therefore, the gross amount is higher than the amount the employee will receive.


      BSN is the abbreviation for burgerservicenummer (Citizen Service Number). This is a unique number given to every person who is registered in the Basisregistratie Personen (Personal Records Database). The government uses this number to process your personal information.

      Annual salary BT (Dutch: Jaarloon BT)

      This means the Special Rate (Bijzonder Tarief) that applies to the annual salary. It determines how much tax the employee has to pay on special allowances, which could include overtime, holiday allowance, etc. So, the higher the annual salary, the higher the tax. The percentage is set by the Dutch Tax & Customs Administration.

      Payroll tax (Dutch: Loonheffing)

      Payroll tax is the tax deducted from your salary by your employer on behalf of the Dutch Tax & Customs Administration. Payroll tax is the collective name for income tax and social security contributions. The amount of income tax is determined using the income tax tables. These tables are maintained by the Dutch Tax & Customs Administration.

      Net salary (dutch: nettoloon)

      This is the actual amount paid into the salary account as specified by the employee.

      Net allowances (dutch: nettovergoedingen)

      This shows the amounts the employee receives as net amounts in addition to the salary.

      Part-time percentage

      The part-time percentage indicates how many hours in percent you work for your employer. The employer sets the number of hours for a full-time working week, and therefore what your part-time percentage is if you do not have a full-time job.

      Pension (dutch: pensioen)

      The pension accrual is twofold. The employee and employer both contribute every month. The pension contribution you see on your pay slip is the employee’s part. This shows the percentage of the pension contribution and the amount used to calculate the pension contribution. The employer then ensures this amount is transferred to the relevant pension provider. The employee does not have to do this himself/herself.

      Table colour

      The table colour is either white or green. This colour determines which income tax table should be used to calculate the amount of the payroll tax. The white table is used when it relates to salary from current employment. The green table is used when it relates to salary from previous employment, such as a transition allowance for example.

      Holiday allowance (dutch: vakantiegeld)

      Once a year, the employee receives his/her accrued holiday allowance. Most employers pay the holiday allowance in May. This amount is accrued over the previous months.

      Example salary slip (Dutch only)

    • How can I access my old salary slips and annual salary statements?

      Old salary slips and annual statements will first be accessible using the old application ‘Salary statements and annual statements’. This information will also be added to your personnel file in 2021.

  • Leave
    • How do I apply for leave?

      Apply for leave by going to the 'My HR > Leave portal' or via the AFAS Pocket app. You can apply for different kinds of leave in this way, such as regular leave, special leave, and childbirth or parental leave.

    • How do I withdraw an application for leave?

      As long as the start date of the leave you applied for has not yet passed, you can withdraw your leave application yourself. If the start date has passed, your supervisor has to approve this withdrawal.

    • How do get my leave approved?

      Leave applications for 120 hours or less are automatically approved. Leave applications for more than 120 hours will be presented to your supervisor for approval.

      *The principle is that an employee who applies for leave has arranged this in advance within the unit.

    • When will the starting balance of my leave days be visible?

      The total for 2020 will be processed in the first week of January and accessible from that time.

    • I want to apply for parental leave. How does that work?

      Apply for parental leave by going to 'My HR > Leave portal > Parental leave'.

  • Absence
    • How do I report an illness?

      You can report your illness by going to 'My HR > Absence portal' or via the AFAS Pocket app. Use the button 'Report ill'. To report your recovery, use the button 'End sick report'.

    • I recovered from my sickness. How do I register this?

      You can report your recover by going to 'My HR > Absence portal > End sick report'.

    • How do I report that I have partially recovered?

      Report of partial recovery must be registered by the HR assistant or your supervisor. You cannot take care of this yourself in MyHR (AFAS).


  • Expiring contracts
    • How can I arrange a contract extension for an employee?

      As supervisor you will receive a task 90 days before the employee's contract expires. In this task you can indicate whether you want to extend the contract for a definite period, an indefinite period, or whether you want to let the contract expire. If you want to extend a contract, you also have to enter an end-date. After that, HR will take care of the extension.

    • How do I report an employee leaving employment in AFAS?

      As supervisor you will receive a task 90 days before the employee's contract expires. In this task you can indicate that you want to let the contract expire and thus report the employee will be leaving employment. If you want to dismiss an employee before this time, contact the HR for your faculty or service.

  • Appointing a substitute
    • Can my tasks be taken over by someone else during a long-term absence?

      You have to appoint a substitute for long-term absences due to leave or illness. This substitute will then receive 'approval requests' for processing during your absence.

    • How do I select a substitute?

      When you apply for leave or register an absence you will have the option of appointing a substitute.

      Please note: appointing a substitute requires careful consideration. Be sure you do not unintentionally appoint an employee with the same or similar name to receive the approval requests!

  • Absences
    • What are my tasks as supervisor regarding absences?

      The current absence protocol published on the HR website remains in force. Absence reporting in MyHR (AFAS) will have some differences:

      • Staff report their own illness in MyHR.
      • As supervisor you will receive a task 12 days after an active report of illness to take action (instead of after 3 days as in the current system).
    • Will I also see current absence dossiers in MyHR (AFAS)?

      Yes, the pertinent absence dossiers will be transferred to MyHR (AFAS) in January 2021.


  • General
    • What is the difference between a task and signal?

      A task requires an action (procedure) and a signal is a message you receive for information purposes.

    • Where can I find all the requests (workflows) I've submitted?

      You can find all your submitted tasks/workflows on the homepage. You can find this in the display under the heading ‘Submitted’.

    • What should I do with a rejected request (workflow)?

      When a submitted workflow is rejected it is put back in the 'My tasks' box on the homepage. You can then make changes or withdraw the request using ‘Modify’ or ‘Delete’ in the task itself.

    • How can I have a task (request) withdrawn?

      In order to withdraw a task, ask the approver of the task to reject it. You can also contact the key user of your faculty or service.

    • How do I set my filters in MyHR?

      Instructions and information about filters for the display can be found on the AFAS help website.

  • Functionalities available later in 2021
    • Which components of MyHR (AFAS) will be rolled out in the course of 2021 and not when going live?

      We are trying to be as complete as possible when going live. But there are components of AFAS that will only become accessible in the course of 2021. Further information on the topic will follow at that time:

      • The AFAS Pocket app: functionality will start with the basics, such as leave applications, illness and recovery notifications, and approval of tasks and viewing signals. Additions to the app will become available at a later date;
      • Certain functionalities of MyHR (AFAS) will become available in the course of 2021, e.g. annual interviews.
  • Functionalities outside the scope of AFAS
    • Why isn't the recruitment system in AFAS?

      UT has been using Talentsoft for recruitment and selection procedures. This system will remain in parallel with AFAS.

    • What will happen to UT-Flex for students?

      UT Flex for students will remain operational.

    • What will happen to time-sheets and 'travel and other declarations'?

      TAS and Declaree will continue in their current format in 2021. These systems are part of the 'financial domain'. Any changes or modifications will be entered when implementing the new financial system. For questions about these applications, please contact the financial department of your unit.

introduction VIDEO AND DEMO


Watch the recorded demo for supervisors below and get a short introduction of the system. Find out, how you as a supervisor, will work with MyHR (AFAS).


Watch this video about the implementation of the HR Payroll system MyHR (AFAS) and how it concerns you:



If you have any questions, please contact the key user of your faculty/service department. An overview of the key users can be found in the FAQ > Information for employees > General and support. 

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