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Other housing possibilities and useful links

Discover more ways to find housing yourself in Enschede and Hengelo.

We advise you to keep an eye on the websites Roomspot, Student Union Kamersite, Kamernet, and Pararius. These websites are updated with rooms regularly and you can filter on price, location, room size, and much more. 

Find your new home on these housing sites

You can also check out Huurwoningen.nl, and Kamersenschede.nl or social media platforms such as the UT Market Place Facebook. Please be aware that we are no direct partners of these national platforms, and we cannot guarantee the quality and reliability of the rooms.

Non-EEA students get a one-time guaranteed housing offer for the first year. For more information, check out the non-EEA students page.


If you want to rent a room in a residential group, it could be the case that you have to deal with hospiteren/co-optation. This means that you have to write a letter to tell something more about yourself (interests, hobbies), so that your future roommates can see if you could get along with the residents. Then, it could be the case that you will be invited with some other (future) students to have a look at the room and meet the other residents. The current residents then decide who will be their new roommates. You might be rejected once or twice, but don't give up. Just be yourself and you will find the ideal room with ideal roommates. 

Useful links

Short stay

A "short stay" is when you rent a room or house for a few days to a few weeks. Short stays are commonly paid for per night. Short-stay accommodations are frequently available in hotels, motels, hostels, vacation rentals, or even through short-term rental platforms like Airbnb.