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To contact staff members of the University Library service desk, please consult contact & opening hours. Here you will also find contact information for the ITC Library.


Within your faculty, the Information Specialists are the first contact point for library related matters, such as searching for literature, publishing, copyright & referencing and visibility & impact of your research. The Information Specialists are responsible for education in Information Literacy within your faculty. 

  • BMS

    • Drs. P.D. Noort (Peter) [contact]
    • M. Van Eck MSc (Marit) [contact]


    • Dr. Ir. M.G.P. Van Veller (Marco) [contact]    

  • ET

    • Ir. L. Van Ewijk (Luuk) [contact]

  • ITC

    •  Drs. K.A. Jager-Ringoir (Katinka) [contact
    •  G. De Jonge MSc (Grietha) [contact]

  • S&T

    •  Dr. Ir. J. Brands (Judith) [contact]  
    •  Dr. Ir. J.G.M. Becht (Hanneke) [contact]


Within your faculty, Data Stewards are the first contact point for Research Data Management related matters, such as handling your data in day-to-day practice, writing a data policy for a group or filling in a data management plan for a research proposal.    

  • BMS
    • Dr. Ir. M. Avetisyan (Marianna) [contact]    
  • ET
  • ITC
    • Dr. A.M. Bustamante Duarte (Ana), ITC staff (contact)
    • Dr. Q. Zhang (Qian) [contact]    
  • S&T
    • Dr. Z. Öztürk (Zafer) [contact]
    • Dr. Ir. J. Brands (Judith) [contact]  

other specialists

The Information Specialist and Data Stewards work closely together with the Specialist Open Access and the Data Librarian. You can contact the latter for questions about respectively Open Acces & Open Science, and Research Data Management. Please consider contacting the Information Specialist or Data Steward of your faculty for discipline or organization specific questions.

  • Specialist Open Access

    • Dr. N.R. Loorbach (Nicole) [contact]

  • Data Librarian

    • M. van Bentum (Maarten) [contact]

  • Data Steward FAIR Data

    • Dr. Z. Öztürk (Zafer) [contact]

content management

For questions about processes taking place in the back office of the library, such as facilitating access to literature, acquiring literature and maintaining our research repositories, you can contact staff members of Content Management via Please consider contacting the Information Specialist of your faculty for discipline or organization specific questions.

business information MANAGEMENT

For questions related to applications and systems the University Library makes use of, such as UT Research Information (Pure) or the Integrated Library System (WMS) for acquisition and management of digital content, please contact Business Information Management staff. For questions regarding Pure, send an email to, for questions related to WMS send an email to

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