Employee card


As an employee of the UT you will receive an employee card

 You can use this card to identify yourself and use a number of facilities at the UT, which are explained below. The employee card is a strictly personal card, showing your employee number (m number) and your photo that you submitted when arranging your contract.

medewerkerspas medewerkerskaart utwente

Pick up employee card

When arranging your appointment at the UT, you should have uploaded your passport photo in AFAS (myhr.utwente.nl). This photo will be put on your card. New employees can collect their UT card at the Campus Security Desk. This also applies to employees who have applied for a new card, e.g. because of damage. 

If you have any questions regarding this announcement, please contact the Central Service Desk of CFM at servicedesk-cfm@utwente.nl.

Replacement if lost or stolen

If your card is broken or if you have lost it, you can have a new employee card made via the Campus Security Desk. They are located in building Spiegel. Your old card needs to be blocked in the event of loss or theft. Campus Security can also arrange this for you (campussecurity@utwente.nl or +31534892134). 

Facilities linked to your card

With your employee card, you can use the following facilities:

  • Coffee machines: With your card, you can get free coffee at the employee coffee machines in all UT buildings. New (and replaced) employee cards are activated every week on Monday. For questions, please contact wda-cfm@utwente.nl
  • Access to sports and cultural activities: You can have subscriptions added to your card for the use of sports and cultural activities. Some are free of charge for employees. See www.utwente.nl/campuscard.
  • Library card University Library: your card is automatically activated for the library. For more information about the University Library, see www.utwente.nl/library.
  • Building access: In AFAS (myhr.utwente.nl) you enter your building and room number in the 'workplace information' section. You are automatically authorised for the building entered there with your employee card on office days. (Please note: Automatic building access is only available for one building. If you have entered a second building/room in AFAS, grants for that building must be requested manually.) For details on days/times and other available rights per department, please see the access/authorisation page.
  • Printing: You can print in all UT buildings with your card. The first time you scan your employee card at the printer, an instruction sheet for the so-called follow-me printing system will be printed. For details see utwente.nl/printing.
  • Lockers: As an employee, you can use lockers on our campus that you can activate with your employee card. An overview of these lockers and instructions on how to use them can be found on the Service Portal through utwente.nl/lockers.

For ideas, comments or changes to this page, please email webteam-hr@utwente.nl

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