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Entering Employment

The UT deems it important that new staff members feel welcome and integrate as quickly as possible. For this purpose, HR regularly organizes an introduction meeting. A checklist has been drawn up with all the important tasks that need to be completed. The introduction booklet contains a lot of practical information about working at the UT.

University of Twente Staff Card


The employee card is issued by Servicedesk ICT.

Location and opening hours of the Servicedesk ICT

The counter of the LISA-Service Desk is open from 08:30 to 17:00 hours.
The LISA-Service Desk is located in the Citadel; the entrance is on the O&O square.
If you have any questions, please contact the Servicedesk ICT of the ICT Service Centre,
Tel. 053 – 489 5577, or by email

From now on, both the issue of the staff card as well as the issue of the login information for your ICT account will be organized at one central location.
In order to obtain your staff card and your login information, you must be able to identify yourself with your valid proof of identity.

When do you receive a staff card?

As a UT member of staff you will receive your staff card upon commencement of employment. You can identify yourself with this and make use of all the UT facilities. The staff card is strictly personal with your photo and your UT staff number (M number). It is not permitted for you to allow third parties to use the card.

The staff card has many functions, such as:

  • Sport activities
  • University library lending pass
  • Access to buildings
  • Follow me prints

In order to make your staff card, we will need your photograph. This will be made by a member of staff from the Servicedesk ICT. The staff card will then be immediately made for you.

Also for members of staff of the ITC the employee card will be made at the Servicedesk ICT.
Pay attention! the login data for the IT account of the premises is offered in the workplace.

Please note! For members of staff of the ITC, the issue of the staff card and ICT account login information remains unchanged: The card will be made on location; login information will be provided at your workplace.

Campus card for members of staff

In addition to the staff card, members of staff are entitled to a Campus Card, a card for sports and culture on the Campus! You also need the card to become a member of the various associations. The Campus Card is added to the existing staff card. Members of staff must register via Campus Card registration system DMS. Via the Campus Card website you can also find more information about the sports and activities on offer.