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LISA offers UT staff members a UT workplace. All software will be provided by means of a portal (Zenworks).


The UT staff member or department has a choice of various types of support for the UT workplace, namely:


The Standard UT workplace


The Basic UT workplace

The chosen support type has consequences for the software available to the user.

The software provided through the Zenworks portal is divided into various categories:


UT-FIX: This software is automatically installed on a UT workplace.


UT-FLEX: The UT staff member can install software from this category themselves.


UT-Manual Install: The UT staff member can install software from this category themselves (manual installation).

It is also possible to apply for additional software. If such an application involves multiple users, it is to be submitted to the Service desk ICT. The request will be assessed and possibly added to the UT-FLEX software.


It may be the case that software from the UT-FLEX category is not immediately available due to license costs. If that is the case, contact the Service desk ICT.


Software in the UT-FIX category will be paid for centrally. The costs of software in the UT-FLEX and UT-Manual Install categories will be periodically passed on to the faculties or service departments on the basis of license costs. Individually applied for software is to be paid for by the applicant by way of the purchase request.


The UT staff member must have a UT workplace and an ICT account.

Freeware software offered through the Zenworks portal will not be made available to a Basic UT workplace.

The UT-Manual Install category is not available for Standard UT workplaces.


A periodical update interval has been determined for several applications offered through the Zenworks portal. For more information, see the software product offers at the bottom of the page.


Go here for workplace support. For other questions and malfunctions, contact the Service desk ICT.



UT-FIX software

UT-FLEX software WINDOWS 7

UT FLEX software WINDOWS 10

Add software from UT-FLEX