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As a teacher, researcher or student you will regularly need literature that you cannot access or borrow right away as an employee or student of the University of Twente. In case you want to have permanent access to literature that's currently not in our collection, the University Library can help you out. Please be aware that more information on accessing scientific articles can be found via Ways to get access.

  • Literature for library collection

    Literature that is relevant for research and/or education at the University of Twente can be purchased by the University Library on request. The University Library purchases literature with institutional access and print books that are not for personal use but for lending. For specific procedures regarding compulsory literature, and literature for personal use please consult the dedicated sections on this page.

    To request new literature for the library collection, contact the Information Specialist of your faculty (see contact button below), or contact the staff members of the University Library’s Content Management directly via

  • Compulsory literature for courses

    As a teacher you can list compulsory literature for students in your course description in Osiris. Staff members of Content Management will check if this compulsory literature in Osiris can be made available to students digitally. If this is not possible, for example if institutional access is not among the options provided by the publisher, or if the costs are unusually high (compulsory literature is paid for from central library budgets), you will be notified. Alternatives could be to:  

    • Share sections of this specific work with students as pdf's via Canvas, taking into consideration the rules for use of copyrighted material. You can read more about this option on the page Use of copyrighted education material.
    • Check if comparable literature is already available or can be made available digitally to all students at a reasonable price. To find out which e-books we have access to at the University of Twente and how to find them, please consult the page Borrow books.
  • Literature for personal use
    • Print books for personal use can be purchased from group/project budget via the secretariat of the research unit you work for. Be aware that institutional access to a digital version can often be purchased from central or faculty budget. Reach out to the Information Specialist of your faculty to discuss these possibilities. 
    • Standards that are visible within the NEN-Connect database, but not accessible for staff and students of the University of Twente, can be bought as a PDF for personal use only. This should be paid for from group/project budget via the secretariat of the research unit you work for. For a price indication, please contact the University Library’s Content Management directly via

    In case you are not sure who to contact for purchasing from group/project budget, please send an email to

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