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Off-campus access

As a researcher or student, you want to have access to as much information as possible. When you are on the campus of the University of Twente, you automatically have access to the journals, book collections, databases and platforms the University of Twente is subscribed to. However, as soon as you leave the campus terrain you will not be recognized as University of Twente student/staff anymore. To still make use of all the subcribed resources, make sure you have one or both of the options presented below installed in your browser(s). Please note that a VPN-connection is not sufficient to get access to paid content. When a VPN connection is necessary for other purposes (like network drives), EduVPN is the recommended option. 

  • Install the Lean Library Plug-in

    The Lean Library Plug-in (download) is available for the most frequently used browsers: FireFox, Chrome, the latest version of Edge and Safari (MAC OS 10.15.0 or higher). Once installed, this browser extension has various functions: 

    • It enables off-campus users to access the full University Library collection 
    • It informs users (on and off-campus) about alternative access to online content 
    • It links to Open Access alternatives to online content 

    The Lean Library Plug-in will notify you when you the page you are on gives access to content that the University Library is subscribed to. The plugin shows an icon in the bookmarks bar that turns green when you have access, and grey when you do not have access. If the content of the page cannot be accessed through a paid subscription, the Lean Library Plug-in will automatically check for Open Access versions of the article. Watch the video below to learn more about this browser extension:  

    By using the LEAN Library Plugin you will remain completely anonymous. The LEAN Library Plugin doesn’t collect any personal information unless you actively share it. And it doesn’t collect your IP address or your device’s unique device IDs. You can find the privacy statement of the plugin here.

  • Bookmark the off-campus access button

    The off-campus access button allows you to access content that the University Library is subscribed to. To start using it, do one of the following:

    • Internet Explorer and Edge: right-click on the off-campus access button below and choose 'Add to favourites' or drag the button to the favourites bar.
    • Firefox, Chrome and Safari: drag the off-campus access button below to the bookmarks toolbar. Make sure this toolbar is displayed and the browser accepts cookies.

    Off campus access

    The off-campus access button won't automatically notify you when the page you are on gives access to content the University Library is subscribed to. However, when you suspect that you should have access to certain content, with on click on the off-campus button you will be able to login with your Unversity of Twente credentials so you can access the content. The off-campus button and the Lean Library Plug-in can be used side by side.

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