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Mendeley is a reference manager and academic social network that can help you organize your research and collaborate with others online. Mendeley consists of an online account and plugin and a desktop install, which stores your references and attached literature to use when you are writing a paper or report. The online and desktop version synchronize to give you access to your library anywhere and anytime.  

  • Getting started with Mendeley

    Register at Mendeley (direct access) and, download the desktop version; installation of the web-importer for references and word-plugin for writing will be offered to you in the process. Mendeley is also available for Mac (direct access), for iOS (direct access), for Android (direct access) and for Linux (direct access). 

    After installation, you can consult ITC's Mendeley Manual for instructions on the usage of Mendeley.  

  • Training

    Two times a year a Mendeley course is being organized at the faculty ITC. Upon request, tailor-made Mendeley courses for a group of a minimum of six participants are possible. If you are interested, please register via e-mail    

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