Study facilities

At the University Library Vrijhof location lots of materials are available to help UT students and staff study or work (together) more comfortably. You need to hand in your University of Twente student/staff card or library card for the duration of the use. Available items include (noise cancelling) headphones, USB-C hubs, HDMI cables, and USB-C cables. Also two portable beamers can be borrowed as well as remote controls for the LCD screens in the project rooms. Keyboards and computer mice are available. 5 Chromebooks can be borrowed for one-day-use within the library. Consult the information below to learn more about the University Library study facilities.

  • Find your way in the Vrijhof

    To find your way in the Vrijhof in general, or to find a project area you've reserved, you can use Mazemap   

  • Printing / copying / scanning
    • 2 printers 
    • Printing and resizing in A3 or A4 
    • Black & white, and colour prints 
    • 2-sided printing, scanning and copying possible

    For more information on printing check Printers (Xerox) in UT buildings - Manuals for printing.

  • University Library house rules
    • Bags and coats are allowed in the library
    • You can drink water, coffee and tea in the library, but only in closed bottles and cups
    • It is not allowed to make phone calls or consume alcohol or hot meals/snacks inside the library.
  • Overview of facilities
    • 521 study places; 297 of these places situated in project areas 
    • 4 desktop PCs and 58 stand-alone monitors 
    • 44 project areas, including individual study spaces 
    • All project areas aimed at group work have whiteboards, 32 are equipped with LCD screens 
    • Wi-Fi access throughout the building
    • Required study literature for all courses is available in the library (as print book and reference only). Only in case an e-book has unlimited availability it will not be available in print, but only online.
    • A mobile charge point with lockers for 8 mobile phones and 2 tablets can be used for free
    • More study places available outside the library on the 3rd floor of the Vrijhof

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