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When you publish UT-related work, such as your dissertation, in-house, you have to request an International Standard Book Number (ISBN). Your department will be charged 43 Euros for an ISBN, which you will receive by email within three working days. In case of an online publication you will also receive a persistent identifier, a DOI (Digital Object Identifier). A DOI guarantees sustainable access to your work, even if the URL changes. An ISBN as well as a DOI are related to the University of Twente as publisher. For applying for an ISBN and DOI, please use the form below.If you don't succeed in filling out this form or do you want to make changes, please send the required information in an email to

Application form

Attention! It is not necessary to request an ISBN for a EngD, but it is certainly possible. If you want an ISBN, you also receive a DOI (Digital Object Identifier).



Please use lower case characters to enter title and subtitle.

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