Situation in Ukraine

Last edit: 8 Sep 2023

We are deeply saddened by the war in Ukraine, entailing the loss of civilian lives, human suffering and material destruction. We are concerned about our Ukrainian students and colleagues, as about others who are affected by war.

Within the UT community, there are other employees, students, alumni and others who, in one way or another, feel personal involvement with the situation. Because their roots are there, because they have family and friends there, or because they are touched in some other way by what is happening at the moment. We sympathise with them, but also with others who have experienced excessive violence at close quarters and are struggling with feelings of fear, anger or grief.

We also support those members of the academic community in the Russian Federation, staff and students, who speak out against this war and who continue to advocate for academic freedom.

In order to provide the best possible support to anyone who needs it, we offer as much information as possible and answers to some frequently asked questions on this page.

If you cannot find the information you need, please contact your study advisor or supervisor. As UT, we will try to help you find the answers you seek.

We hope a safe, stable and peaceful situation will be restored soon.

Temporary arrangements for tuition fees

For the 2022–2023 academic year, UT lowered tuition fees for Ukrainian students to the level of statutory tuition fees for the nominal duration of their studies. This will be extended for a year.

However, this (extendedly) now applies to:

  • Refugees who have obtained a waiting document or a visa sticker (code 46) from a Dutch municipality
  • Refugees who start their studies in September 2023, and applied before the application deadline for international students
  • Ukrainian students with code 46 who transfer from bachelor to master in the academic year 2023-2024.

Please note that housing is not guaranteed, but the municipality has indicated that they will support in finding accommodation.

You may be entitled to lower tuition fees if you are covered by the regulations of the EU Temporary Protection Directive. Please check the full regulations on the IND website to find out if you are covered by the directive.

If one of the situations above applies to you and you would like to study at UT or have any further questions, please contact the Student Services desk.

Questions and answers

General questions

  • What does the UT think of the situation in Ukraine?

    We are dismayed by the terrible events currently taking place in Ukraine. We express our broad support for Ukrainians, for Russian members of our community or others who in one way or another feel personal involvement in the situation there. Because they have their roots there, because they have family and friends there, or are touched in some other way by what is happening right now. We sympathise with them, but also with others who have experienced excessive violence at close quarters and are struggling with feelings of fear, anger or grief.

  • Do we have students and employees in Ukraine?

    At this moment (d.d. 14 March 2022), there are, as far as we know, no staff members in Ukraine and we are in contact with a student who is. However, it may still be that there are other employees or students who are there, too. Please do get in touch with your supervisor (in case of an employee) or study advisor (for students).

  • Does the UT also offer humanitarian aid?

    The UT offers support for humanitarian aid initiatives in Ukraine, for example by providing storage space for collection campaigns. Where possible, we bring the regional initiative Twente voor Oekraïne to everyone's attention.

  • Can I continue to collaborate with partners in Russia and Belarus?

    In line with the request of the Minister of Education, Culture and Science, the University of Twente is also suspending all scientific cooperation with Russian and Belarusian institutions. The UT follows the national policy in this matter, in close consultation with all universities in the Netherlands. You can read more about what suspending means in this message.

    Should you have any questions or comments regarding specific collaborations, don't hesitate to get in touch with Erwin Medendorp, UT's integral safety manager.

  • Can I invite guests from Russian or Belarusian organisations to my event?

    No, at this moment, it is not allowed to have visitors from Russian or Belarusian organisations at your event. It is also not allowed to co-host or jointly organise events together with Russian or Belarusian organisations.

  • Are there any other measures in place?

    Though there are no current reasons to be concerned, we ask everyone to be alert on any situations of increased cyber risks and issues concerning knowledge safety. If you do have any questions or concerns, please contact CERT (in case of suspicious cyber activity) or the Knowledge Safety Team (in case of knowledge safety-related issues).

  • Will UT terminate its contract with Gazprom?

    UT has a contract with gas supplier Gazprom. This is a European tender, and the contract expires at the end of this year. The Board of Governors is considering whether it is possible and desirable to terminate this contract prematurely. However, this has many snags from a legal and financial perspective, among others. In the next tender, we will look for suppliers with whom we can enter into a sustainable agreement.

Questions regarding my personal situation

  • Where should I go for help?

    For help, it is best to turn to your study advisor or supervisor to see what is needed and to assess what we at UT can offer. This may concern practical matters, but also emotional or wellbeing support.

    For information about support with your (psychological) well-being and relevant contact details, don't hesitate to get in touch with your study advisor or visitt For urgent psychological support, you can contact the student psychologists.

    As an employee, it is best to contact your supervisor or HR department or go to For urgent psychological support, please get in touch with trauma expert Els Overduin (+31 6 5192 1715).

  • What if I run into financial difficulties?

    The current situation may lead to financial difficulties, for various reasons, and may cause problems such as not being able to pay your tuition fees, rent, or other necessary expenses.

    There may be Russian students, PhD candidates or guest researchers in the Netherlands who cannot access their bank accounts because of the sanctions. If you have been affected by this, you can contact It is also advisable to open a Dutch bank account.  

    Because a number of Ukrainian banks have set withdrawal limits, this may also apply to students or employees from Ukraine.

    Furthermore, it may be the case that your financing has stopped for reasons related to the war.

    In case you run into one of these situations, please contact your supervisor or study advisor, so we can think along with you.

    Students from Russia and Ukraine who are looking for a part-time job can get in touch with our Connect Forward team. In close collaboration with regional companies, we are try to offer them a job next to their study. 

  • I am experiencing difficulties related to housing

    If you have any questions as a student concerning your own accommodation, you can turn to your study advisor as well. We have made the agreement with De Veste and SJHT that students nor employees won’t be evicted and that we will support those who are facing financial difficulties because of the situation in Ukraine.

  • Are there any meetings being held for people who are affected by the situation?

    Twente Pathway College organises counselling sessions for both TPC students and UT students. If you would like to make use of this, you can sign up for one of the sessions in the presence of a psychological counsellor on campus. Friday 11 March, there will be a session for Ukrainian students, from 14:30 - 16:30 hours. If you want to participate in a session, please e-mail Student Support (

    Walk-in café Ukraine for students and staff: Starting Monday 14 March, the Student Union and HR will be holding walk-in cafes for students and employees in the Global Lounge of the Bastille. If for any reason, you feel the need to talk to others about the events in Ukraine in a safe place, you are very welcome in the walk-in café Ukraine. Here you can tell your story, talk to others or find help.

    You can drop by any time the Bastille is open on Mon-Fri: 08.30-23.00 hrs, Sat: 12.00-17.00 hrs, Sun: closed. On weekdays from 12:30 - 13:30, professional guidance and support are available for both students and employees.

  • Can I still travel abroad?

    Except the countries with colour codes orange or red, it remains possible to travel abroad. These colour codes currently apply to Ukraine, Russia and Belarus.

    On the website of the Dutch Government, you can find reliable travel information. Please check the latest news on the travel colour codes at Travel advice Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

  • Are Russian students deregistered from UT?

    No, our Russian students who are in the Netherlands are not deregistered. No visas are being withdrawn and no members of our community are being deported because of the situation in Ukraine.

  • Can my visa be withdrawn?

    No, there is no question of revoking visas or expelling members of our community from the Netherlands due to the situation between Russia and Ukraine.

    More information about residence and visa applications: Ukraine: consequences on stay and applications | Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND).

  • Can I apply for a visa?

    For more information for Ukrainians wishing to stay in the Netherlands longer, please visit the website of the IND (Immigration and Naturalisation Service).

    If you are Russian and you would like to apply for asylum, for instance for political reasons, the regular procedure applies. This procedure can be found on the website of IND, too.

  • I am a Russian or Belarusian prospective student and I would like to study at UT. Is that possible?

    At the University of Twente, there are currently no restrictions for Russian and Belarusian students. If they do meet the general requirements for enrolment, they are welcome to study at UT, like any other prospective student. IND will decide upon visa applications.


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