Locker guidelines and use


As a student, employee or guest you can use all the locker banks on our campus that can be operated with a UT-card. You can find the lockers on the following locations. Click on the location in the overview below to find out the specifications of the various lockers: 


The Sport Centre also has lockers available in the basement. Please contact the Service desk of the Sportcentre if you have any questions regarding these lockers. 



You can use the lockers by keeping your student, employee or guest card in front of the reader. Follow the instructions on the screen and choose one of the lockers that are available to use. Please note: each locker has a certain claim period. This is the period from the time of request until the deadline indicated at the locker location, see functionalities at the different lockers under the heading Overview. You will receive a message regarding this matter a few days before the end date. If you exceed this period, it will be blocked. The administrator of the locker bank will check your locker and possibly will release it for new use.

Students and employees can use their mobile phone to activate a locker. The first time you want to use a locker you still have to use your UT card, after that you can use your mobile phone. Unfortunatley, guests can not make use of this option.

Manual key-users

Are you a new key-user of a locker bank, please send an email to

Conditions use lockers

  • Release the locker when you no longer are using it. Lockers are regularly checked on use and empty lockers will be released by the administrator. The administrator may request locker users to empty the locker when unauthorised use is noticed.
  • Items that are (fire-)dangerous, or may otherwise cause a nuisance may not be placed in the lockers.
  • Some locker banks are equipped with a power supply. This serves exclusively to charge a laptop, power bank, tablet and mobile phone. If the power supply is used for anything other than its intended purpose, the right to use a locker will automatically expire.
  • The locker should be emptied before your card will be blocked, for example when you have quit your study or your appointment has not been extended. If your UT card is blocked it will no longer work.
  • If a locker is not emptied on time by the user, the valuables (information carriers, wallets, etc.) left behind will be stored for one week at the Service Desk of the concerned building. We strongly advise you to collect your belongings from the Service Desk of the building concerned as soon as possible. For more information on the procedures regarding found objects, please read the house rules of University of Twente.
  • The University of Twente is not responsible and liable for personal belongings placed in UT lockers.

Improper use

The user of the relevant locker will be held liable for any damage to the building or to the property of others.

Questions or problems

Please contact the Service Desk of your building and they will help you. You can also send an email to

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